Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pajama Party!

Being that I'm such a night owl, it's quite an honor that Julie has awarded me this lovely little blogger's award. I am so smitten with her description of the pajamas that my blog has inspired in her mind. You can read it here in her post. Or, if you've got a hot date and you're in a hurry, I'll quote her here:

"Next my thoughts turn to Laume at BeachTreasure, hers would be warm, comfortable, with pithy sayings that automatically rotated (somehow magically or something), they would also be eclectic looking, maybe some velvet, some rayon, some cotton, some boa feathers or fringe, something sparkly too, you get the idea. Boho/gypsy, yet just mom enough."

Don't they sound fab-you-luhs?! I am sooooo gonna make myself (or maybe find myself) a pair of Boho/gypsy mom p.j.'s.

The reality is that my p.j.'s usually consist of flannel or stretch knit pajama bottoms matched with a long sleeved comfy knit shirt. It's all about comfort as I am the fairytale princess from The Princess and the Pea story. I can't sleep on a wrinkle or with a fold or twist underneath me. Nothing binding. No cracker crumbs. The blankets can't be too heavy or too uneven. Pillows must be "just so". If you don't believe me, ask my poor long suffering hubby who, despite getting very little sleep as it is, has been awakened and asked to get up out of bed so I can "fix the mattress" because it's a couple of inches crooked.

I have quite a few Halloween themed p.j. bottoms, a flannel snowflake pair, and a great stretchy blue pair with creative inspiration sayings written all over them. Hey, that's sort of like Julie's image of them, huh! Alternatively I wear leggings and shirts. In warmer weather (which isn't much of the year up here in the mountains) I've got a few short nightgowns but usually it's boxer shorts and a tank top. Especially in the last few years when I never know when a power surge (aka hot flash) will strike.

But moving on, here I'll quote Julie (who is quoting Deb):

"The idea is to award it to bloggers whose blogs you enjoy, saying what sort of pajamas you think that blogger would inspire a store to sell."

The funny thing was that I had just a few days earlier seen a pair of pajama bottoms that I knew HAD to be inspired by Natasha, so she definitely gets an award. In fact, I even took a photo of them.

If you visit her blog you'll see why these reminded me of her. She makes these very scrumptious cupcakes and sells them. And although she certainly has a more flamboyant, cowboy hat wearing side, mostly everything about her blog is soft and girlie and pastel. She'd have to go to bed in something as dreamy and feminine as her art work. She's one person who deserves sweet dreams.

The next person that came to mind for the award is my friend Deirdre. I'm probably cheating as I've actually seen her in her jammies but I think it's safe to say her blog reflects her personality. She's creative (and messy - I've seen her studio too!) but what one remembers more is that she's way more organized than me and has sort of a cool, classy exterior. So I'd picture her not in the night shirt I recall she wore, but in something both comfortable AND elegant. Not glamour girl elegant. More Audrey Hepburn elegant. I saw some p.j.'s just the other day at a store that would work well. Traditional button down shirt and trousers, like men's pajamas, only in a deep cherry red and black pinstripe silk. I might change it to a dark purple or blue though, to match the colors in her new bed quilt. I'm tempted to put her in a pink bunny onesie footed pajama suit, just to see the look on her face, but she might find a way to injure me even though she's all the way across the continent from me.

However my next awardee would probably gleefully accept, and WEAR, a pink bunny onsie footed pajama suit. My daughter-in-law Lisa loves to let her inner child out to play. And now that she has an outer child as well, they play together! She actually owns footed jammies. I've seen them. Only hers have footballs all over them. Her blog is all about being a mommy, so of course I'm thinking some two piece jammies would be more practical. But they need to be fun. How 'bout a pair of p.j. bottoms with snowmen and snowflakes all over them with a color coordinated tank top (she lives in San Diego and even though she claims 60 degrees is COLD (Sheesh!), she really doesn't need anything terribly warm). Most importantly, baby Joli would have matching snowman jammies only hers would have a nice warm matching top since she tends to kick off her covers.

I'm picturing my next awardee, Laura, in chocolate pajamas. Not very practical, I know. Although, hmmm, maybe her hubby Sebastian would appreciate them - in fantasy anyway. In real life they'd be seriously, uhm, messy. But wouldn't it be nice if they were special made of magical nonmelty chocolate? Instead of having to reach for her chocolate stash stored in her nightstand drawer (oh, wait, that's ME with the bedside stash), if she got hungry in the middle of the night, she could just nibble on her sleeve. Okay, so maybe I'll just picture her in a nice pair of chocolate brown colored p.j.'s. Oh, I know! With an orange tank top. She likes orange with her chocolate. Oh, and she'd need magically big pockets so she could stash all her reading and writing material in them.

Last (it's almost 5 a.m. - time for me to stop writing about jammies and get IN some jammies!) I'll award Stephanie over at Rodrigvitz Style because I adore the vibrant colors and love of life her blog inspires. I think she needs some comfortable jammies. The bottoms would be like a pair I have with little Day of the Dead skeleton people dancing joyfully all over them with a tee in a bright (or maybe black) solid. But wait, there's more! A hand made robe. It would have oversized sleeves and a flared skirt and a sash woven in bright rainbow stripes. Let's make it a rayon cotton blend and it's been hand painted with bright sunflowers along the bottom and then a row of her little spirit houses above that. Blue roosters cavorting up and down the lapels perhaps. She'd wake up each morning and waltzing around the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee and her twirling robe, start her day out with a smile just like her blog makes me smile.

And now I'm off to bed. I'd like to at least start out sleeping in the dark!

Oh, and over on Laume's Studio I'm participating in a blogger's Holiday Open House. Pop on over to see some photos of my tree decorations. And if you'd like to see more holiday homes, you can find links at the hostess Karla's blog, Karla's Cottage.


Blogger Deb R said...

I want a pair of the magical chocolate pajamas too!! (Except I'd get in such trouble!)

2:30 AM  
Blogger Belita Rose said...

Oh Yay!!! I was totally looking for pj's actually and those sound perfect!!!

2:07 AM  
Blogger Blame It on Paris said...

Ha, ha! I like it! Definitely sound like the best pajamas for me. But not so good on a cold night--I'd eat my pajamas off! :)

6:29 AM  

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