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Today is the first Post Spooky Day! Deirdre e-mailed me to ask "where's your damn post!?" Oh, blush. I would NEVER use that kind of language. I'm such a demure, proper sort of blogger.


Well, Miss Deirdre Antsy Pants, I hadn't posted yet (by the time you East Coasters went off to bed at an unreasonably early hour) because I was still out on a series of photo shoots all about the county, working hard to capture lots of photos for your spooky October viewing pleasure. And then I had to go grocery shopping and then I thought I'd just go ahead and upload all my photos and get that out of the way before I blogged and it took forEVer to upload. So, finally, here I am.

Once I celebrate the autumn equinox, I figure Halloween is fair game, but I use October 1st as the official start of the Halloween season because it's the first day that the local pumpkin patch, Wemples, is open for business. I'll go back to the pumpkin patch with the grandbaby and other family later but I went today to visit their gift shop, buy squash and decorations, and to take photos without antsy (there's that word again!) people waiting for me to be ready to go.

I also visited some other spooky locations along the route and I'll share those photos as well as more pumpkin patch photos later, but let's get started -

Ooooh, an owl is hooting outside somewhere nearby. Now that's spooky!

And speaking of scary birds, this dude was doing his best to look scary for me. He was puffing up and making shivery sounds with his feathers as if to say "Oh yeah, I'm bad." Nearby a flock of chickens made no pretense at being stand offish. The clustered in the corner of their coop as close to me as possible trying to woo me into throwing something tasty through the chicken wire. Alas, I had no treats for them.

I like spooky trees. I've photographed this one for several years. Do you have any spooky trees near you? Hey, that's a question! Let's call it today's question. You could also go with a pumpkin patch post theme, but I'm guessing most folks aren't ready to visit one yet, but I bet some of you have some great spooky tree photos. I've got some other favorite spooky trees in the area. I'll try to put up a spooky tree post.

They move the pumpkin field around every couple of years (rotation of crops, good farming technique). This year the pumpkins were just off to the left of this photo. Here are all the wagons lined up for excited families to pull out in search of their perfect pumpkins.

I just loved all these wheels.

Uhm, a few of the guys on the end decided to lay down on the job. Maybe one too many pumpkin ales on the lunch break? Hmmmm?

Just a peek into the edge of the pumpkin. Actually, a lot of the weeds hadn't died back yet and I was gabbing with the owners about how the crop looked a bit sparse this year. They agreed it had been a difficult growing season, what with all the heat and smoke (remember me mentioning those) and lack of rain.

Some retired wheels. The farm has dozens of tractors all over the place. I have a sneaking suspicion that one doesn't need DOZENS of tractors to run a ranch this size. I think someone has a love affair with farm equipment.

I loved the stem shadow on this big ol' caramel colored pumpkin. Did I buy any pumpkins? Well, tune in tomorrow and find out. Maybe. Maybe not.

I also visited their lovely gift shop. Photos of the gift shop displays are over on Laume's Studio. I did buy some things inside the shop but, I'm not gonna reveal what until tomorrow either. Mwahaha. She's not only spooky (well, not too spooky this time), but suspenseful too!

And now I'm off to check out the other Post Spooky bloggers. Whoooosh------->


Blogger JulieZS said...

What a cool pumpkin patch you've got there Laume! I just love that last picture with the stem shadow, so perfect. Nature does spirals ever so much better than I ever can.

8:39 AM  
Blogger Jana said...

Great photos. I really like the pumpkin with the vine shadow on top. Very nice!

7:54 AM  

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