Saturday, June 04, 2005


My grandson went home this morning, but he left me with a small something to remember him by - a cold germ. I feel like crap.

Blech. Now that I have less folks in the house so I can get to my own tasks, I don't feel up to much more then reading e-mail (which is too frustrating because my server and Yahoo are currently in the midst of a spat and keep refusing to talk to each other), reading a book (just finished a murder mystery this afternoon and the one bright spot in my day is I know what book I really want to get to next - the latest Southern Vampire book which finally, after a thousand years, came out in paperback. It actually came out in paperback a month or so ago but I bought it, brought it home, and forgot I had it every time I wanted to start a new book. I'm finally remembering it at the right time to start it, later tonight), or napping (which I've been doing all afternoon since finishing my mystery book).

Here's what I don't feel like doing:

I don't feel like entertainining children or getting them to do their chores or schoolwork. I don't feel like listening to my husband pontificate on the how to communicate with other people, which he's been doing in the background all afternoon, and since this is a classic case of a pot calling the kettle black, it's annoying the shit out of me. (can I swear in my blog? Are there rules?) I don't want to sew or cook or garden. (actually, I do want to sew or garden, I just don't have the energy for it.) I don't want to keep fixing my e-lists or checking my mail from the web. I don't want to put the dishes in the dishwasher. I don't want to clean up all the baby toys still strewn all over the living room rug.

What I AM going to do, as soon as I finish posting this, is go out, probably all by myself (unless my hubby asks to go with and then I'll probably say he can just so I can sit across the table and glare at him), to the Chinese restaurant across from the high school senior parking lot, and order soup (maybe won ton, maybe sweet and sour) and hope it helps my sore throat and cotton wadded sinuses. And maybe I'll feel a little melancholy, because taking my kids out for spicy soup when they were home and sick is a fondly remembered family tradition and I'm currently missing Joe a lot because I keep having roadblocks thrown in my way whenever I try to plan a visit to see him. I might as well throw it into the mix while I'm already feeling crappy physically. Or maybe I'll do something less depressing, like read a magazine or write a list called Things To Do with subtitles of Tonight, Tomorrow, This Week, This Month, This Year. Then when I get bored of my own company, I might go rent a movie so I don't have to communicate, badly or otherwise, with anyone tonight.

Sick Grouchy Laume


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