Saturday, September 22, 2007

Working Hard or Hardly Working?


William was the one hardly working. But it's not because he's a typical teenager (although on another day that could easily be one of his excuses). No, the poor guy was laid low by some throat and achy bug. He took over the couch and remote. I brought him tea and pizza and blankets and tried to keep out of coughing range. As you can see, Nurse Rosie is in charge of the close up care. She stayed close to her patient most of the day.

I was the one working hard. I got quite a bit done. Doesn't look like I made a dent in the boxes yet, but I definitely did.

I would have gotten even more done but I had a friend stop by for a cup (or two) of tea. I'm not very good at multi-tasking anymore (guess I used up my share of it over the years with five kids at home). Usually if the phone rings I think I can talk and do... something, anything... but soon I find I'm sitting on the couch and the conversation has my entire attention. But I was good, I switched to something relatively mindless. While my friend regaled me with stories of her son's wedding (bride's Southern Genteel family meets groom's Granola California family!) I cleaned up the kitchen.

And then there were all the phone calls. But I don't really want to move in the middle of the night and get an unlisted phone number. I like my friends and family. Besides, I can't miss important updates like Lisa's call today to tell me that Joli finally broke her first tooth! So, I'll sacrifice my efficiency for more important things like keeping in touch.

I can't really blame anyone for the hour I detoured and spent burning a couple of new compilations of songs for the season. One with lots of moody, reflective songs for Samhain, another with silly Halloween ditties. But I even got credit for that as hubby and son are anxiously awaiting the day when I'm done clearing my files out of the desk computer and burning some of my music is part of that task. So, win/win. And I had new music to work by for the rest of the evening.

Last but not least, I finally finished making my new hanging lamp. I put up my lamp making story and photos over on Laume's Studio tonight. There's also photos of a few of the new additions to my decor. Go see!


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