Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl and Snow

Did you watch the game yesterday? With a football addicted teenager in the house, it was a given the family would be glued to the set, although I lost my enthusiasm for it when Green Bay lost the play offs to New York. I thought I'd root for the Patriots as I was mad at New York for beating Green Bay but I ended up undecided and rooting for BOTH teams all the way through to the amazing end.

On the Patriot's side, there was their opportunity to have an undefeated season. And I have some friends who are diehard New England fans so I wanted to support them.

On New York's side, how can you not want to root for the underdog! Plus, if New York won then Brady wouldn't get four Superbowl rings and I selfishly didn't want him to diminish Montana's four rings. I gotta protect my Joe, y'know. And probably the most appealing reason to root for New York, Eli's Super Bowl winning brother sitting up there in the stands watching him. Did you see how excited he was for him!?

And that fourth quarter - one of the most exciting games EVER. All three of us on the couch, popping up and down and screaming in unison like we had matching red hot pokers beneath the cushions.

Even if I didn't have a vested interest in who won the game, I have to watch each year for the half time show. Tom Petty wasn't as bounce-across-the-stage as some performers they've had, but he played MY song so I was happy about that. And I have to see the memorable commercials. Only this year the commercials weren't so memorable. There were a few that were really good but of lot of them were just ordinary. Plus our local affiliate knocked some of the national commercial space out for LOCAL commercials. I wonder how much local businesses paid for those slots? I was looking forward to the much anticipated Obama commercial but that was one of the ones that was bumped. Did anyone see it? Did they show it anywhere? You can see it on You Tube. Actually, you can see all the Superbowl commercials on You Tube and on the channel website - if only I could remember the channel - NBC? Isn't that what they always say after football games - "this footage is the sole commercial property of NBC and it's affiliates..." - something like that.

One thing that I really liked, and got all teary-eyed over, was the reading of the Declaration of Independence in the minutes just before the game. I thought it was well done and not politicized. I thought it was a wonderful reminder that, despite all the intensity and hoopla, football is just a game and that it's important to keep that in perspective. And I thought Jordan Sparks did a good job with the National Anthem.

Did you see that play where Eli broke loose and throws and then Tyree catches it against his helmet, flying backwards, and HOLDS ONTO THE BALL!!!!

Okay, I can tell, I've lost all but the biggest football fanatics. So, moving on....

A fellow blogger recently put up a "January in the Garden" post with a photo of her winter garden pots. I got a good chuckle thinking about my own January garden and went out last evening and took a few shots. First, go see her photo - all misty and green. Now check out the first photo below.

BIG difference!
There are some big oak barrels in there somewhere. I like what looks like a bare winter stalk with clothespin "seeds" still clinging to it too. Notice the only sun is the tiny, yellow, metal one in the top left quadrant of the picture.

Here's a view down the length of the yard. It doesn't look that deep until you know that the packed down path through the middle is about a foot up from the concrete and all the rest of it has had a chance to sink under it's own weight. That's some back breaking heavy snow if you tried to lift it on the end of a shovel
I like how the barbeque looks like it's wearing a chef's hat.

I've been watching this baby grow for weeks from inside the kitchen window. I think it looks like an ice carrot that's growing out from underneath the hanging basket. It's only a few inches from touching the snow now.

I put a couple of pretty snow photos up on Laume's Studio today too.


Blogger black eyed susans kitchen said...

Nice to finally see a woman who was as excited about the game as I was. Coming from New York, I was rooting for the Giants, also because they were so clearly delighted to be there...I thought the Patriots were a little arrogant in their attitude. was a good game. Love your snow pictures. You have had more than your fair send a little our way...but just a little (lol). Susan

7:09 AM  
Blogger see you there! said...

My garden looks absolutely tropical next to your I have to admit, LOL!


9:44 AM  
Blogger sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I had the same feeling about the Giants, since they beat Dallas. I have to say that the play where he caught it on his helmet was quite the play, definitely the play of the game. Love the pics & love the post below with the lovely thoughts of seeds.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Laume,
it was interesting to see Tpm petty's band in suits and ties, almost middleaged men on stage and all those sweet young ladies cheering them on in the audience. I had not heard "your song' before and thanks for the link.
Nina in BC

7:01 AM  
Blogger alala said...

That is EXACTLY how I felt. 19-0 would have been pretty cool, but I always root for the underdog (unless they're playing the Seahawks), but two close friends are big Patriots fans so I didn't want to jump up and down on my blog and make them even sadder, but yes, that was a fantastic game, gripping to the very last minute.

Gee alala, ambivalent much?

1:55 PM  

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