Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!

Okay, who can name the song that subject title is lifted from?

It's still hot. And smoky. And I haven't gotten anything done yet today. But that has got to change. I've got deadlines SCREAMING at me and I might be hard of hearing but even I can hear them, though I've ignored them up 'til now. Well, not ignored - just pushed off because other things have screamed louder.

I've got to get started on them - where to start, ack!? I could easily go in circles all day trying to decide. But decide I must. You don't have to twirl around with me, instead I'll leave you with some photos of what I'd rather be doing today, strolling the streets of Paris with nothing more important to do than snap photos of signs. Hopefully if you click on these they will all open up to a larger format as they're a lot more fun when you can see the details.

This entire storefront is done in mosaic tile. And check out the cool lanterns. And that one guy in the window, he looks like he has an interesting story.

We didn't eat here but if we'd had more time, I would have tried it out. I liked the big knife and fork painted on the window. You understand what's inside regardless of what language you speak.

We're big fans of The Colbert Show, so this sign caught our interest. I like that you can sip tea or quaff beer, your choice. Also, notice the sign across the street - Hippo. I wonder what that's about? Of course straight ahead there's a Patisserie on the corner. You can't go far in Paris without finding more sweets. You walk so much, you need to keep up your energy. Just like you can't go a block in Seattle without a coffee house or kiosk to refill your travel mug.

I've been craving smoothies the last couple of days. Maybe I'll go pull out the blender and toss all the rest of the fruit and yogurt in it before I get started on my tasks today. When we were in Paris, Sam was craving a smoothie but we couldn't find a Jamba Juice of course. After he left, hubby and I found this smoothie place was on a street we frequented regularly. We never went inside, now I wish we had.

I took this photo for my son Joseph. Do you do that? Take photos of things that share the same name as you or yours? I have a photo of William standing under the William's city main street arch. I took a photo of the Seattle Art Museum (S-A-M) sign for Sam. I have a photo of a hotel sporting Hubby's name. And a bar with our last name. And so on.

I took this photo because it's almost a family name. My grandmother's maiden name is Isabel Parant, also French. I also like the way the green dress is floating in the window and the guy I caught walking in the reflection of the other window. It's fun to see what you capture in the reflection, usually without being aware of it at the time.

This sign has a website URL underneath it, I should check it out and find out what it is. What I really liked in this photo was the beautiful old building, the bright colored storefronts, and the long, flowing vines.

My favorite are the tucked away streets. This one had a great collection of shop signs all clustered together on one end.

I took this photo because I liked the sweet fairies on the sign. Did I already post this picture? For some reason I think I did. But, no matter, it makes a good segue for mentioning that I'm getting excited about the upcoming Faerieworlds trip. Many of my must-do tasks are creating our faery costumes.

Okay, I've dawdled long enough. I'll leave you all to find a brasserie or cafe on some quiet, out of the way street, for a late lunch and glass of wine. Wish I could join you but, sigh, I've got to get to work now. A bientôt.


Anonymous KayEllen said...

Just love all the signs you shared from Paris!
I agree they have so much charm and character:)


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