Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wanna See Some White?

You're in the right place for white. We've got lots of it here. And it's in the forecast for at least another week. Okay, so maybe it's not forecast for every day. It's actually - snow, sun, snow, snow, snow, snow. Although our one sunny day recently hasn't necessarily been better. It's been really cold, more so when it clears. The low tomorrow is supposed to be one below zero! Okay, so if you live in Minnesota or Saskatchewan or some other equally frigid place you're now saying "And your point is.....?" But most of you are probably used to temperatures being positive double digit numbers and are suitably impressed.

I heard it snowed in MALIBU today. Are you kidding me!? Although they only got a dusting. We're over a foot and a half now at least. I'm pretty sick of shoveling although I'm sure that's not gonna get me out of doing more of it. In fact all three of us spent some time shoveling in the backyard today.

Here's part of the mess we call the back yard. This isn't the part we were working on but it gives you an idea of all the junk back there. It all has to move so we can fix pipes. We're running on minimal plumbing power at the moment. Let me tell you - FUN! NOT!!!

These guys are passing the house at least a dozen times a day and I hear them scraping by at night too. Which is a good thing. Less busy roads don't get plowed out at all.

A neighbor a couple of blocks down the street made a huge snow pile out of their driveway snow and their kids painted a sign which they stuck to a stick and stuck in the top. It reads "Need Christmas Decorations? - Free Snow!" Hahaha! I think it would be even cuter if the sign read "Snow for Sale". Maybe they could make them into snowballs and sell them for 5 cents each. Although, it's really dry snow, lousy for snow ball making because it will hardly stick together at all. Waaaaay easier to shovel than heavy wet snow though, so I'm not complaining! And sparkly. Wow, soooo sparkly. Even by moonlight it was like someone had glittered everything.

I'm trying to smile and make the best of the plumbing and shoveling issues. I was gonna make a trip to the city to get some last minute gifts and foods for the holidays but those roads that are even open all look like the one above. So. No trip to the city. I'm being creative. Making do.

Hubby is being fairly cheerful as well. William not so much. He's annoyed he's not allowed to drive his big ol' tank of a car on ice and snow. We're thinking it's not a good idea to let him slide down the hill into the high school parking lot like a giant bowling ball knocking everything in it's path. He's also certain we're slave drivers for making him to help shovel. Today we timed him. We forced him to help us with shoveling and moving things about for twenty four minutes this afternoon. He grumbled, whined, argued, and blamed me for everything from his missing homework to global warming for at least twenty of those minutes. We also forced him to help carry in all the holiday decoration boxes. That probably took another ten minutes.

Hubby got one strand of lights up - not the ones that are supposed to be up there but hey, he was trying. Do you like how he didn't even notice that the Halloween decorations were still up there!? I finally took them down today.

But it's not all drudgery and drama. I bundled up on our one sunny day and walked around the neighborhood taking photos until my nose threatened to snap off in the cold. I tried covering it up with my scarf but that just made my glasses fog up.

I like the little caps of snow my sunflowers wear. Lots of little finches depend on these sunflowers after the first snows so I don't pull them out until spring.

These berries were growing in a couple of neighbor yards. I hadn't even noticed them until the snow fell. Aren't they gorgeous natural winter ornaments!?

Another neighbor's tree decorated with snow and pine cones and mini icicles.

Those are my footprints, that's as far as I went - the tree line. This is where I stood and took the first photo in this post that is overlooking the valley. You can click on the photos to enlarge them. You can also see some more snow photos I put up on Laume's Studio.

More snow tonight. Lots of hot tea and cocoa and eggnog being consumed. We finally got a mailbox full of holiday cards today. I was wondering if we were gonna get any, usually we have at least a dozen by this point. Not that I've mailed out any. In fact, I might not be mailing cards until later - maybe New Year's cards? Or Valentine cards? Because I've lost.... well, misplaced... my address book. I've also misplaced all my keys! Tonight hubby asked me if I lost them here or elsewhere. I pointed out the obvious, that both my vehicle and myself were home and that would not be the case if I'd lost my keys someplace else. So, hopefully they'll turn up soon. Unless I managed to drop them in the snow somewhere on the way into the house. Then I'm sure they'll show up sometimes this spring.

So, how's the weather by you?


Blogger Stephanie said...

Ohhhh! I ADORE snow and sun photos....there are wonderful...AND YES! what is up with this? snow in Malibu and Las Vegas!!!

I'm off to see more of your beautiful pics...

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11:06 AM  
Anonymous Deirdre said...

check inside your car, maybe they are in it!
:-D eirdre

9:21 AM  
Blogger Jana said...

I love getting great photos of the snow too. The weather channel keeps saying more snow, but it hasn't happened in a few days. Not that I am in a hurry to be stuck at home, ut it looks great with blankets of white everywhere.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous KayEllen said...

Just stunning snow photos!!!!
Thank you for stopping by!

I am so thankful for meeting you on Shades/flickr this have a such a creative way of writing and picture taking...always a delight for me!

Merry Christmas and blessing to you and your family.


9:15 PM  

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