Sunday, June 12, 2005

Late night encounter

Last night, er, early this morning, William was finished watching Saturday Night Life and I started closing up the house for the night. Got the snack dishes to the sink, the phone on the charger, the television off and cabinet closed, lights off, computer turned off... I shooed William and Kim to bed and scooped up Rosie to take her out to pee one last time before we crawled into bed.

I walked outside into my front yard, set Rosie down on the grass and told her "Go pee Rosie" as I stood over her a bit cold, a bit patient. Not a few seconds later, I hear a noise behind me. I turn to see a huge animal racing towards me, so close to me by the time my brain registered it, I could have reached out and touched him.


It was a pit pull. A large brindle pit bull who ran up to me in my fenced yard at 1am. After I screamed the dog turned tail and ran. Part of me realized that the dog hadn't been in attack mode. He looked more like a dog happy to find someone else awake at that hour. But I didn't realize that until afterwards. All I knew was a large animal was about to attack me in the dark. And Rosie. He could have gobbled up Rosie in one bite. I grabbed her up and ran in the house shaking.

The kids had heard me scream, but hadn't thought to come see WHY. I mean, what if I'd needed help? Sheesh!

I was afraid to go back out, so went off to bed without a potty break first. A few hours later I took her out in the backyard this time, armed with a pounding heart and a Curious George flashlight (his hat pops open and lights up). She was so confused she didn't pee. She managed to make it through until dawn.


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