Sunday, June 04, 2006

Holiday Photo Share #2

A nice couple and their little boy, visiting from Ireland, took this photo of William and I in Avebury. Avebury is a little village that nestles on the edge of the largest stone circle in the world. Many of the stones are now missing as in times past they were cut up and used for building until someone, can't remember the man's name, realized that history was being destroyed and bought the entire village and the surrounding land in order to save what was left of it.

Unlike Stonehenge, which is roped off to protect it from overly enthusiastic visitors (who literally were chipping it away in order to have a "memento"), the Avebury stones are accessible. You just walk through the sheep proof gates and walk right up to them. The stones I mean. Although you can get pretty close to the sheep as well. Here we are standing on the large berm that was created when the original builders of the circle created a large "moat" around it. You can see a peek of the village in the background.

The large stone directly to William's right in the top picture, and featured in the photo below, is called The Devil's Stone. Apparently, if you have been bad, and you run backwards around the stone one hundred times, the devil is said to appear. I think it's more likely, if you actually attempted to run around it backwards that many times, you'd pass out well before you reached 100 revolutions.

And a bonus pic - in the fallow field in the background you can just make out the remnants of a crop circle! This area is apparently the heart of the crop circle phenomenon.

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Blogger JulieZS said...

I'm so glad you got to Avebury, wasn't it a fabulous place? And the crop circle that I saw was in the same place as the one you saw. Must be a popularly used field! Weren't those sheep hilarious with the spray painted dayglo spots on their rears. I chased one around til I got to pet it.

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