Friday, May 26, 2006

More typing in French

Communicating here in Paris is a challenge (although thank goodness so many people of other countries speak English because as a typical American I selfishly only speak one language), but I am surprised to find I even have to deal with a keyboard that speaks a different language as well!

Stumbling along in "broken keyboard", we've been having such a great time in Paris and there is so much to see that we managed to find a room for tonight and we've stayed an extra day.

I bought a scarf. Apparently it's a rule. If you are in Paris you must wear a scarf. Fortunately they sell them on almost every street corner and I chose a pretty silk green one that went with most of my outfits here.

We went to the Musee D' Orsay last night - rooms and rooms and rooms full of Impressionists. I was almost in tears it was so wonderful. William, uhm, not so moved. He was exhausted, frankly, and today he's not been feeling well, but has been a trooper. We're in a different hotel and fortunately he's able to nap tonight while I type just across the road. Er, across the rue.

We went to Les Catacombes this morning. Deep beneath the cafe's and the museums and the tourists and the subway there are ancient roman quarry tunnels and they were used in the 1800's as a cemetery. That's simplifying. But just imagine walking past the bones of six million Parisians! It was fascinating but chilling.

A change of pace, this afternoon/evening we visited the Centre George Pompidou and the surrounding plazas full of fountains, cafes, street entertainers and musicians. It was a feast for the senses! And oh Deb! If you're reading this, I so so so so soooooo thought of you in one exhibition room (the center is a gallery and museum of modern art) and I can't wait to show you the photos I took just for you!

Last night we wandered down to the Seine and the Eiffel Tower after dark. I wanted to see the tower lit up. It was not only lit up, but for a few minutes we caught a strobe show they put on, I presume every night. And the sky at sunset and just after dark - oh my stars - it looked just like the skies in the paintings I had just spent the evening drinking in. It was magical beyond words.

I'm skipping around in the story because my brain is so stuffed with so much I can't think straight to say "First we did this and then we did this and after that we did this...." No. It's more like "Oh! We saw..... No! Wait, I forgot to tell you about....Oh! Did you know that...... And you'll never believe what we saw when we..... No! First I have to tell you about....... !"

Oh! Speaking of remembering things, we went to see the Arch de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees and forgot the address for Tristan and Jon's hotel back at our hotel. Sigh. But I assume you are both having a wonderful time even without us - hehe. You apparently were in Giverny that day anyway. Dang, wish I'd thought to go there.

Tomorrow we plan to go back and finish up the Louvre before taking a midafternoon train back to London where we hope to be able to catch another train for Stratford On Avon. Or is it Stratford Upon Avon? William is excited because I finally agreed to rent a car so we can finish up our trip tootling around the Cotswolds.

Speaking of tootling, I better tootle off to check on the boy and see if he wants to go find a cafe to have a late dinner. Oh, speaking of dinners. We have dragged in late back to the hotel each night and William too tired to eat out. The first night we found a small corner cafe just a half block from the hotel that was just closing but I asked if we could still order Take Away (that's Take Out for you Americans). They happily gave us the last of just about everything from the buffet for half the cost. The first night they piled us up with four pieces of roast chicken, rice, french fries, two loaves of bread, and a box of salad. Last night they gave us enough of some sort of pork/lentil/ratatouille stew to feed SIX, two more loaves of bread, fries and salad. Conversely, drinks almost everywhere here cost a fortune. One thing I do miss about the U.S., William misses even more, refills.

Okay, see ya. Not sure if I'll find internet access tomorrow but at least the next time you hear from me I'll be back on a keyboard that is at least a little bit familiar.


Blogger Deb R said...

Oh yes, m'dear, I've been reading every word! Just haven't been commenting because I figure you've barely got time to write these travelogues, never mind read and/or reply to comments. I want you to experience each and every second so I can live vicariously when you get home! :-D

8:15 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

Je vous aime, Linda. Parler avec vous bientôt. Le vôtre, Jeff.

2:15 PM  

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