Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Holiday Photos #9

It's been awhile since I've offered any pictures from our trip. In part because my computer ate the photo program that I had them stored in, which makes it more difficult to access the images. But I don't want to abandon you before we've even made it out of our first home base of Bath. Heck we've barely gotten started. We're only three days into the trip!

This set of photos are all about signs and storefronts. The first six are all from Glastonbury. If you recall, I mentioned that Glastonbury is an entire town of New Age shops. After visiting the Abbey, Tor, and Well, we didn't have much time to wander.. Too bad. Next trip (think abundantly), I'm gonna make the extra effort to stay directly in town.

This was a fountain in front of a shop. There was lighting behind the inset crystals so that they were backlit.

Don't you love the green and the red? You can't read it well without clicking to make it larger, but what I was taking a photo of was the name - The Goddess and the Green Man. So cool. The red storefront has a cool name too. Have no idea how to pronounce it.

I thought on first glance that this must be Artemis - because of the dog - but of course not, she's Celtic. The sign said she was supposed to be some sort of Greenwoman. I didn't realize until I looked at the photo later, there's a Visa card sticker in the window. Ah, spirituality is for sale like everything else.

A store like this in America? Well, yeah, maybe Santa Cruz. Or the Haight.

This wasn't a store front, it was a window in someone's private home. We walked by it on the way back to town from the well. I'd love to do something like this, 'specially since I live on a street busy enough that it would have a real audience. Does anyone else remember the giant golden Buddha in the Marina in San Francisco? I wonder if he's still there? But alas, if I tried to do something like this, my cats would destroy it in two shakes of a cat's tail.

This is William standing in front of the King William sign. This was our third day in England. Later we were to realize that the name "William" is sort of like "Smith" or "Jones" or in the southwest of the U.S. like "Garcia". There are hundreds of signs that say "William" this and "William" that. Very popular first name and surname over there.

Now we're in Conwy, Walves. Don't you love this shop!? There were a lot of signs that were a bit edgy. I can't imagine someone being allowed to use a store name like this in the U.S. We say the English are stuffy but geeze, I think we're the prudish ones compared to Europe.

In Wales all the signs are in both English and Welsh. The Welsh language loves to stick extra "L's" and "F's" in a word. And they really take seriously the use of "Y" as a vowel, yet don't bother with ordinary vowels in other spots that seem to need one.


Blogger kristen said...

cool photos. and i'd say the hemp shop could be in petaluma too :)

and rhys is one of those welsh words taking their y as vowels very seriously *smile*

and i'm sorry you didn't like your citrico more. didn't i tell you i was owrried i'd talked it up too much?

2:51 PM  
Blogger The Pig's Lip said...

great glastonbury pics - went there myself this week

12:22 PM  

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