Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sam's house

Just a quick, sloppy post (well, it was supposed to be quick, but after fighting with the photos... grrr), I wanted to share some photos of our visit this last weekend to see Sam and the house he's building. William helped his brother on the house for the weekend, I caught up on some shopping. Yes, it was necessary shopping. For the most part. Anyway....

First, though, here's a nice photo of Kyla and William hanging out at Sam's townhouse.

Sam was trying to teach William how to break dance. Or is that brake dance? It could be either as a) they were definitely threatening to fall over and break something and b) the brake seemed to be on, they couldn't get much movement going. Unless you count falling over.

They got the upside down part okay. It was the what to do next that thwarted them.

But on to the house building. Sam is building a beautiful home up in the foothills above Redding. Whaddya think? Looks delicious, yes? Hehehe. The first photo is of the gingerbread house he built at our house, a replica of the big house. Slightly different angle, but the same, yes?

Here's the real thing. It will be a lovely home. Sam tried to convince me we should buy it. Uhm, we can't afford Sam's house. Neither can Sam. It will be for sale.

It sits on five acres of oak woodlands and has a peekaboo view of the entire northern valley. It's big too. Here's a photo of the boys on the front porch, to give you an idea of the length of that section of the house.

Here's William in the front room. Look how huge it is, it makes that dog look really really tiny! Oh. Yeah. She is really really tiny. Well, then, look how small it makes William look, and he's definitely not tiny.

Construction is dirty work. Time for a dip in the master bath.

And here's the handsome builder himself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every time I see pictures of your boys, particularly William, I just can't believe how grown up they are. I guess from all of those years on QC I still think of William as a little boy. Sigh. Time flies . . . .

5:37 PM  

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