Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Lisa!

My sister turned ... older today. When I called her to wish her a Happy Birthday, I asked how old she was now. She said "OLD". I said since she was talking to her old-ER sister, she couldn't claim being "OLD". But she is older then she was yesterday.

Here's a picture of my baby sister when she was... well, 1970 it says on the photo. So, she's probably seven when this picture was taken. She's holding some of my dog Sheilah's puppies (who apparently I named Honey, Chipper, and Clown - before my mom took them to a no-kill shelter - at least that's what she told us kids, I've always wondered....) anyway, the point is, she's holding puppies. That's important. Remember that.

Here she is another photo taken six or seven years later. This time she's holding a couple of kittens. They were my kittens - the little black and white one was named Captain, the orange one O.J. That's one of my mom's old chairs, but it's in my apartment. I loved that old chair. I wonder what ever happened to it? Oh, anyway, moving on....

Let's flash forward.... oh, let's say.... three decades and.... WHODATHUNK!? My sister is a veterinarian!! All grown up and smart. Just like her sister. The smart part I mean. As you can see, I haven't quite grown up yet.

Happy Sister Lisa! Er, I mean, Happy Birthday Lisa!


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