Friday, September 28, 2007

More Autumn

Doesn't this rosehip look like a bobbing court jester?

By the end of summer, morning glories ramble everywhere in the back gardens. It's odd that I have an over abundance of them in the back garden and yet for reasons unknown I can't get them to grow at all in the front gardens!

The setting sun through a golden yellow prayer flag. Does this mean the light that has passed through it is blessed? A nice thought, isn't it.

Around here, with out short growing season and cold, high altitude nights, it takes until the end of the summer for my chrysanthemums to be this prolific. Late, but enthusiastic.

This is the dried leave of a sunflower. So high up, it looks like it might have caught a near frost. But no, I think the weight of these large leaves cut off their supply of nutrients and they dry before the stalk and flowers. I think it looks like suede leather.

We're off to the coast. A six hour drive, but an away football game (yes, we play a school six hours away!) has pushed us on the road. We're going to make a weekend of it and I hope to squeeze in a beach walk or two. I'm looking forward to rock hunting, the sound of the surf, and a couple meals of fresh-off-the-boat seafood.


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