Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Rainy Day in Susanville and London

I thought after the long philosophical (or whiny, whatever) posts of the last week, I'd make today's post short and sweet. A rainy day here today, so some rainy photos from our trip. We did experience some rain in Paris but apparently it was so benign and infrequent that I never captured it in any photos. I did take a few of a fairly good pour we got caught in while in London.

It didn't seem to stop anyone, except that people paused under various awnings to wait out the worst of it. Umbrellas seemed to appear from out of nowhere. (I carried a collapsible one in my purse the entire vacation and used it on a handful of occasions. Jeff just pulled his hat down a bit and got wet.)

I didn't capture the end of the rain. It was quite pretty with the rain still coming down and the sun shining through from behind the storm so everything was bathed in a quite unLondon-ish golden light. This is just to the side of Picadilly Circus, a London location name most Americans seem to know but I can't quite understand why. It's not particularly picturesque although you can see it's making a minor effort at being a miniature Times Square.

Same area, a group of students all huddling together to be counted and accounted for.

I loved zooming in to capture all the different umbrellas. I put up a couple more photos of the umbrellas over on Laume's Studio, as well as a "dancing" umbrella video. Check it out.


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