Friday, May 16, 2008

A Week of Photos

The car got fixed, we made it home on Friday, just a few hours before our son came home from his school's biology field trip. He was tired, hot, and happy. We were tired, hot, and happy. It was almost as hot here in the mountains as it had been in the valley! We jumped from spring straight into summer.

Just a few random photos from Ashland and northern California -

There's a costume museum. Or maybe it's a theatre museum. Not sure, I've never gone in it. They were displaying hats in the front windows. Here we have pretzel and beer hats.

And a sauerkraut hat.

So of course we need a sausage hat as well.

I liked the combination of the posters in the upstairs window of this building with the name of the shop on the ground floor. Maybe not a perfect solution but definitely the best option in the bunch.

I liked this decorative window treatment at our hotel.

This was a scene from our motel grounds as well. I liked the red berries combined with the red and white striped umbrellas by the pool. There were beautiful flowers and green lawns, terraces and fountains all around the grounds. Unfortunately they didn't translate well in photos. They were lovely. Everything was lovely actually, including the rooms. Except for one teensy thing which probably will keep me from staying there again. The room we stayed in had only one window in the front wall. To make the room lighter, it also had a skylight. Oh, pretty, I thought when we checked in. Not so pretty at 6:30 in the morning when the light came streaming down on top of the bed like a spotlight. ARGH.

New ducklings in the pond in Lithia Park. There were five of the little fuzzy creatures, with poor mom trying to keep count of them all. I could seriously identify with her. I knew exactly what it's like trying to keep track of the whereabouts of five kids all scurrying in different directions.

At least these three were taking off in the same direction for a moment.

On the way north, Mt. Shasta was crowned with one tiny cloud, perfectly shaped. We joke that the aliens keep it there to hide their comings and goings. There's lots of metaphysical stories about the area. I regret not stopping to take a photo. Coming home we drove through just as the sun set, leaving everything but the peak in shadow. She's quite a dramatic peak, ain't she? More visible than a lot of the more northern volcanoes because she's less likely to be hidden in clouds. This is taken from the northwest.

By the time we passed by the sky was washed in pink. It was even more beautiful in person. We are so fortunate to live in a part of the world with such a variety of beautiful scenes.


Blogger GreenishLady said...

I drove through that area two years ago, and was very struck by Mount Shasta. I loved that whole trip, and spent one night in Ashland too. My motel did not have pretty grounds, though! But it didn't have any rude-awakening skylights, either!

7:35 AM  
Blogger Belita Rose said...

Joli says "dut-y!" (ducky)

5:46 PM  

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