Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Off Phase With the World

I woke up this morning to someone mentioning Christmas Eve.

"Oh yeah" I said. "That's coming soon."

Response - "That's coming TONIGHT."


I seriously, SERIOUSLY did not know. I thought it was tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. That's how out of sync I am with everything around me. And I was wondering why everyone was quiet online. Thought folks were probably already off traveling and such.

I went to Youtube to find something quick and pleasant for folks to enjoy while I'm off wrapping and cleaning and celebrating. I found this instead, which, according to the hits, apparently I'm the only person left on the planet who hasn't seen it. I warn you, it's very graphic. Moving, but goes dead center to the reality of things. I was glad I watched it but you might want to just not think about the flip side of the coin until you're done with a happy holiday.

I found a few other videos that were just too sugary Hallmark for me in my present mood. But I liked this last one. Strikes the right balance between funny and too stupid to believe. It made me laugh. Not sure what that says about me.


Blogger Connie Carpenter Macko said...

personally - I enjoyed it completely! have to look for grandson of satan next...! Hope your holidays were full of sharing and love (and that your funk is gone!) just wanted to pop in and say happy new year and let you know that your blog is one of my favorites - can't wait for your further adventures! (even when they go awry, you remind me to have the proper attitude!)

"Here's to holly and ivy hanging up, And to something wet in every cup!"

1:07 PM  

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