Tuesday, February 10, 2009

B Words

I did a post about C words on Laume's Studio yesterday. Today seems to be about B words.

I've been busy and working on stuff and all but what I've really really really wanted to do for the last month is just live inside my -

B::SLC The neon letter o k001 s25

I'm having so much fun with this site!

I feel very spongelike. Wanting to soak it all in, three or four books at a time.

Another B word -

B R28 R31 Wood Type R letter R R38

because it's cold outside! And inside. Because we're trying to use our heater less. Last month's bill was more than we expected. I thought this storm had passed us by already with just a little bit of flakes and sprinkles. But today it started coming down and blowing around.

So another B word is Blizzard. Which is probably too long to put across in photo letters.

More B words - Bumps and Bruises. My ankle is STILL sore. I twisted it two months ago. I've been able to walk on it and all but lately it's been bothering me. In the last few days I've also got a bump on my hip I don't recall where or when I got it. My left wrist hurts - again - why? And last but not least, my right shoulder.

Okay, that's all I got. My brain (Brain - B word!) is bored (Bored - B word!) with trying to think of more B words. It wants bed (B!), blankets (B!), tea (not B!), chocolate (in my nightstand!), and my book (Bestest B!)



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