Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Lump or Two?

I'm having a lot of fun visiting all the OWOH participants. I started out trying to visit everyone but the list is growing faster than I can keep up. The list is now almost 700 blogs long! I lost a couple days to my migraine but tonight, after braving the sunlight and doing some errands, I spent the evening on the couch visiting more blogs. It's fun to enter the prize giveaways but mostly it's about finding fun new blogger friends. It's like potato chips, I visit just one more, just one more, just one more.... because you never know what funny or inspiring or intriguing new posts are yet to be discovered. Like, I found this fun little toy on several blogs:

Look! I'm an Obama poster! Only this poster's theme is something I think Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Libertarians.... ALL of us can rally around - a good cup of tea. Well, there are those NON-tea drinkers out there. I guess there's always opposition to a great idea. Sigh.

I received some really great teas as holiday gifts this year. I think my favorite is a package of loose leaf black tea from my sister called Golden Yunnan. I don't know what it is about the taste, it's not flavored, but it's really unique. LOVE it. Sister also gave us three more packages of hearty black breakfast teas. I'm always tempted by the flavored teas and forget how much I like a good quality unflavored, so this was a welcome addition to our tea shelves. Yes, tea shelves. Plural. We love tea so much that one tea shelf has sort of overrun the shelf of seeds, grains, and nuts on the shelf below it.

Oh dear, I guess it's overgrown onto THREE shelves. Well, I rarely use most of those cookbooks anyway. I probably would use them more if I could get to them without knocking all that tea off the shelf. Maybe it's time to consolidate some of those boxes and tins. It's not very organized. Oh, and see those two big boxes of PG Tips - that was one of my gifts to Hubby. He likes being very British. I can make one PG Tips tea bag make two or three strong cups of tea. Hubby on the other hand uses one bag to make one very DENSE single cup.

I got a tiny wooden "tea house" in my Yule stocking. It holds a half dozen tea bags - I'm guessing probably fairly ordinary tea, maybe I'll use it up making iced tea, but the cute little house is the real treat.

Hubby bought me a beautiful container of Earl Grey. It's a tall thin cylinder with both an outer lid and an inner cap, beautifully wrapped in a lavender paper. I'll reuse it for loose tea when the earl grey is used up, which might not be long from now as it's really nice, light and aromatic.

I'm both a coffee and tea drinker but lately my heart belongs to tea. Hubby always brings me a cup of coffee each morning, which still says "I love you" in so many ways, but if I had to make my way to the kitchen and get my own cup of wake-up, I think I'd turn on the flame under the kettle and make myself some of my darkest black tea with a heavy dollop of soy milk.

Along with choosing the type of tea - black, green, white, red, herb, flavored or plain... we've got it all, I also have to decide what sort of cup or mug best suits the tea and my mood and where and how I'm gonna drink it. Do I need a thin tall mug to fit on the tiny space on the corner of my nightstand? Something with thick walls to keep my tea warm while I wander all over the house with it? A china cup with a saucer to make me feel pampered? Or maybe to keep the drips off of paperwork? Something portable so I can dash off in the car with it? Well, let's deal with cups and mugs in another post. All this tea talk has convinced me it's time to make a cup that will work with my book and bed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Laume,
Tea is not a dash out the door /portable drink. I can not enjoy it in a stainless steel container with a plastic sippycup lid.
But you must enjoy it in either a thick walled mug/ keep it warm to the last drop container or a delicate cup and saucer to enjoy the beautiful color.
Now we could discuss, teapots or brew in the cup one at a time style.If you like it strong - then you'd love newfoundland style of brewing.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Lutrah's Ocean Alter said...

I loved the post on tea...
Your tea shelves look a bit like mine, before I consoldated everyhting... I am now down to two shelves...
Love the little wooden teahouse...
You forgot to post a link to the poster maker thingie...
I want to play too....
Here's to a good cuppa!

3:14 PM  

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