Monday, February 23, 2009

Rainbows and Red Wine

The rain has been pouring down for the last two days. And occasionally the wind whips up just as strong. A brief break between storms this afternoon. I went out to the market. Out the door and into the car I went, turned on the car, did a quick U-turn to head the right direction and as I finished turning around I slammed on the brakes and gasped. I didn't mean to slam on the breaks. Probably not a good idea since another vehicle could have been coming around the corner right behind me and would have expected me to NOT slam on my brakes.

But I saw the fullest, most vibrant rainbow I can remember seeing in... well, I can remember seeing. Maybe I've seen better rainbows, but if I have, I don't remember seeing them. Anyway, it was so bright it looked like someone had photoshopped it into the sky and doubled the color.

I jumped out the car, ran inside, grabbed my camera, raced back out, waited for the big truck to pass by before leaping across the street, turned around and...

This is what was left just twenty seconds later. It was only a shadow of it's original magnificence! At least I got to see it. If I hadn't picked that moment to leave to the store, I wouldn't have seen it at all. And I got at least this much of a photo of it while it was still whole. All but the right leg of it faded away within seconds. That last bit of it lingered for about twenty minutes. I think you might be able to see it better if you click the photo open.

I had a bottle of cabernet sauvignon in the fridge and I'd been having a small glass (2 oz.) with dinner every other day or so this last week. A healthier replacement treat to.... uhm.... a half bar of dark chocolate most nights. I suppose one small bite of chocolate wouldn't be bad for me but I'm not ready to dabble with it yet. I think I'm afraid of not being able to stop at just one bite. But I digress. I finished up the bottle a couple nights ago and so tonight I opened this bottle I bought last summer, chosen like I choose most of my wines, because I liked the label. It's nice enough. I liked the cabernet sauvignon better. It had a darker, oakier, heavier taste.

More often, I still have tea with dinner. And take another cup of tea to bed. And now I've been having a cup in the morning instead of coffee. This is my new favorite cup, found at the thrift shop.

I love the old fashioned design. It has a little bit of leaf scroll on the outer edge of the handle as well. I was completely certain that I had a matching bowl here at home, another thrift find. But I've dug and dug through my mix matched china pieces and can't find it. Maybe I just thought I had one? Maybe I had one but someone broke it and got rid of the evidence without telling me?


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