Thursday, December 10, 2009

Football Awards Ceremony

Tonight we all braved the freezing temperatures to honor our Northern California Section Champion football team.

Yay Lassen Grizzlies! Here's a shot of a lot of the team. William - front row, red (and very wrinkled) tie.

Everyone got certificates, bags including sweatshirts, patches for the lettermen's jackets, key chains, memory books... it was a lot of goodies. William also got this coach's award for Best Two Way Player.

He was even more excited about another award, he was voted onto the Northern Athletic League All Star team for his offensive position. We had nine players in total make it onto the All Star team, including both the offensive and defensive MVP recognitions. Oh yeah, we totally rock!

William hates posing for me, I usually get a scowl, or his back as he's walking away. But he's a lot more "compliant" when someone else asks him to pose. Here he is with two friends, all three of them bringing home big ol' awards.

One of the parents helped the kids make this great autographed shot of all the seniors after the winning Championship game to give to the head coach. I was really pleased to have taken the photograph.

In hindsight, this last season of high school football seemed to whoosh by at rocket speed and now I wish I'd spent more time participating. I've done more in past years but usually it's the senior parents who participate the most. Somehow, despite my best intentions, it just never happened. I think it had to do with William being so much younger than the rest of his siblings. Although we certainly still have one foot still anchored in our family life of three, we also have another foot stretched out into the next phase of your life, with the older kids all pulling us into travel and grandkids.

We went to all the games of course, and I dabbled around the edges with other activites the booster club sponsored. There was so much more I could have done though and what I missed was the pleasure of spending time with the kids. And this was a really great bunch of "boys". Truly. We've known lots of teams raising five kids through decades of sports, Hubby and the older boys have even coached a few of them, and this team had the nicest kids ever.

Congratulations to all the Grizzlies - every single one of them was a team player, every one of them a winner.


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