Monday, February 15, 2010

And the Winner is.....

Time to announce the One World One Heart winner of the wee faerie pen.

The question arose, how to pick the Golden Ticket?

The idea of a random number generator sounded boring and completely unfaerielike. Bleh.

In years past I've had family members pick numbers, I've had cats pick numbers. But what to do this year?

I thought of asking the faeries themselves to pick a number...


BlaZZiliON aND seVin!

TOo HoNdrED!

FoRtY aTE! LeTz gIVE EverYBodY a PrEzzIE!

Okay, so NOT a good plan.

Counting Crows? Don't know the band well enough to ask them. And the real crows wouldn't stay in the tree long enough for me to count them all.

I could let the preschoolers count for me. Problem is that they tend to get to 20, give or take a few numbers, and then start over. Didn't seem fair to all those who posted comments that came after 20.

Then I had this brilliant plan to go to Laduree and count the number of macarons in the front windows and use THAT number! GREAT idea! Faeries love macarons! I love macarons! Perfect!

They were all for hopping on the first plane to Paris. Until a gloomy goblin under the bed pointed out that we didn't have enough money for that many plane tickets. Because, of course, everyone wanted to go, including the pixies in the attic and Francois the gargoyle who wanted a chance to visit some relatives on the Île de la Cité.

Even after we checked underneath all the cushions of every piece of furniture in the house and rummaged through all the junk drawers and we emptied out all our purses and pockets (and faeries love pockets and pouches and wee hiding places - they were very thorough), we STILL didn't have enough, what with the higher travel costs these days. Even if Francois stayed behind which would have seriously reduced our over weight baggage fees. Bummer.

Well, it was a good idea. Maybe next year.

Instead, I went with the cats' idea. They invented this complex system that involved Googling "Paris" and "Faeries" and then clicking on the 9th link (because they know 9 is my bestest number) and then counting and combining and... well, what you really want to know is...


So, with no further ado...

AdO! ADdoO!!!!
I dOO!



ADiEu! gEt iT?
BeECuz WeE wAz
gOinG 2 frAnCE!?


Yeah, yeah, very funny faeries. Can we move on?


Are you done?

YeS. eR, wEE mEen "OUi".

The winner is..................

Barbara of Marr Haven Wool Farm Blog.

Yay! wE liEk SheEpE!

I like sheep too.


Blogger Barbara said...

Whooppeee!!! I have never had a fairy pen before. I will try to write only good things with it.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Laume said...

You can try to write only good things, but the faeries do tend to to get carried away with silliness and dirty jokes and all. So, best be careful and check all your faery pen correspondence before sending it off. Just saying.

3:01 PM  

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