Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Chihuahuas and Some Other Holiday Prezzies

Maggie is starting to know her way around the house. She's already learned out to get up on the couches, the bed, even the windowsill. Isn't she cute - she doesn't really have blue eyes, but I thought this was a cute pic.

Progress every day on the Rosie/Maggie relationship. Look, they're touching while sleeping. This didn't happen the first couple of days. Rosie insisted on being closer to my face than Maggie, with at least an arm between them. Still not willing to sleep touching under the covers yet, but time will probably change that. (Ignore the totally lint covered jeans - these jeans are EVIL fuzz magnets. And not just the cute doggie kind of fuzz!) (Also, black dogs are really hard to photograph without a flash!)

Moving on to other cute tiny things, Hubby bought me two miniature winter faery snow globes.

Tucked in with the tea pots and tea cups.

Another tiny new treasure. It's not really a holiday gift, I found it for $1.25 at a craft boutique while shopping with the family. It's a really nice single size tea pot. The card is to show you the size. I don't like those personal sized tea pots that fit atop the cup, so this stand alone pot was a fun find.

Of course that's before I knew I was gonna get the absolutely perfect personal sized tea pot from Hubby for Yule. I LOVE it! Look at the top. (Although it's not like one can have too many tea pots, right!?)

One side.

And the other side.

Here's the whole package. It came in this sturdy box I can reuse for craft supplies, plus another round tin for storage of ... tea maybe? A tea mug. And a ceramic coaster. All perfect! There was also a green tea sampler box and some tea cookies. Yum!

Tea and books go together like peanut butter and jelly in this house. I treated myself to this giant table top book. It was expensive, marked down 75% at a large bookstore. When I found myself still standing there reading it 40 minutes later, I decided it should come home with me.

Two more books, the one on the left a prezzie from the Hubby, the one on the right a prezzie to myself. I think they look well matched together.

One more pic of the cutest tiny prezzie, Magpie Girl. About the size of my boot.


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Such a cute tea pot and cup!! Good job Papa!!

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