Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Is it hot enough for ya?

We've been blessed with the coolest, rainiest spring since we moved here to the dry, eastern side of the Sierras. I enjoyed it, the plants enjoyed it, but all good things must end, so now it's HOT. And, knock on wood, I just realized it's the first time I didn't get a touch of heat illness from the first hot spell of the summer. It's been in the 90's, not so hot (here where we have low humidity) to send us sluglike to some shady, dark corner, but hot enough to feel it and have that lovely summer "glow" (also known less delicately as getting all sweaty).

Despite the heat, I'm in the midst of one of my favorite hormonal states - slightly manic. Not enough to need medication mind you, just enough to keep me going from one task to another and getting twice as much done as usual. In the last couple of days, to name a few highlights, I've completely organized my studio, laid a brick pathway, done innumerable loads of laundry and dishes, and cleaned up a whole poo poo load of paperwork. I've got one, maybe two more days to enjoy this state of productivity before I jump in the car and leave town AGAIN.

I'm headed to San Diego to see my boy! My six foot two inch Navy Seal trainee little boy. And my favorite daughter-in-law. And it's not all bad that I get to go to San Diego either, one of my favorite old stomping grounds. William and Rosie are being dragged along for the ten hour or so drive. I've been trying to plan this trip since April, knock on wood, we're finally good to go. I think the temperature down there will be cooler, perfect hugging my kids weather.


Blogger kristen said...

you can wave to mom on your way down - she'll be on her way back up.
and for some reason i was thinking that joe had gone army. man - missing things left and right, i'd say.
if all goes well, we close on our house tomorrow, so when you get back, we'll have extra rooms - well, at least one extra room, so should you ever need a place to stay in sparks, we've got it *smile*
and this heat...not so cal hot, but we also don't have a/c --- well, that's not entirely true, we have it here at our rental, but it hasn't been hot enough to justify using our new house there is no a/c. apparently it wasn't optioned for (we didn't get to do options).
have a wonderful and fun trip!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Laume!! I found your blog through Deirdre's (I think) and love it! Wow, lot's of excitement in your life--a lovely sounding little chihuahua, a niece living with you, William getting ready to go off to high school this fall. And you embarking on your own interests full force! Where abouts in Oregon did you buy your property? It's so good to catch up on what has been going on with you.
Kate (aka Aeryll/Kathleen)

3:23 PM  

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