Friday, July 29, 2005

It's official!

OFFICIAL official. As in signed, sealed, and congratulations arrived from the title company (a nice touch)official. We now own a tiny piece of Oregon. A rather nice piece, with grass and a view of rolling hills and trees, and no freeways within a half hour. Knock on wood that our neighbors will be normal enough to be nice and strange enough to be willing to put up with us some day in the future when we finally move there.

In the meantime, life goes on here. And there's a lot to do here before we go there. First of all, I promised myself as soon as it was official, I'd celebrate by tossing all the real estate flyers and travel guides and relocation brochures. I've probably got my weight in that sort of thing sitting about the livingroom and scattered across the dining room table and desk.

And of course there's my everyday, ongoing battle with the clutter monster. Now, however, whenever I face it, I'll be armed with the mighty mental sword of "Do you love and/or need this item enough to want to PACK and MOVE it someday?" I'm thinking that will help me in my War on Clutter. Jon Stewart recently pointed out that the government has turned the phrase "War on Terror" into a new, catchier, and ultimately easier-to-live-with-for-the-long-haul phrase "Struggle Against Global Extremism". Maybe I, too, should downgrade my efforts from a war to a struggle? I just commenting to someone recently how I was inspired by J K Rowling's comment in her interview on Biography that the order of priorities should be as thus - write a bestselling book first, clean house second. So perhaps I'll start calling it my Struggle Against Familial Hoardism? Or maybe Struggle Against Junk Collectism?

Well,regardless of the name of my campaign and my newly ordered list of things-to-do, I'm gonna get off this computer machine and go clean house today, just 'cuz it'll make me happy. And my house cleaner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes, definitely get rid of as much stuff as possible before you move. When we moved last September, I had 8 years' worth of stuff crammed into our small house and it was a nightmare. We ended up moving way more stuff than we should have and now I'm slowly going through it. My sil got my rear in gear by planning a yard sale for later this month that I said I'd participate in, so a-sorting through boxes I go!

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