Sunday, January 08, 2006

A new start

This is a new start for my blog in a number of ways.

For one thing, it's a new year. A new year is always a new beginning. A marker in time where people make lists and plans to become new and improved. Of course a week or so goes by and and folks realize they're just the same ol' person they were the year before, but when the last number on the calendar shifts, it feels as if it should be somehow signifigant.

Secondly, I'm typing this on a new web program. I notice there are many new bells and whistles on this page, and I'm hoping it means that I will...... dare I say it..... no, I won't. I'll just try it and see if, against all odds, it might finally work.......

OH MY GODS AND GODDESSES!!!!! It WORKED!!!!! I am beyond ecstatic!

Ohhh! Ohhh! My heart is thumping with joy!

So, the THIRD new thing is I can finally, dare I say it.... knock on wood..... post photos on my blog.

This particular photo, btw, is a photo I took last night of William with his cousins. The thing that's interesting about this photo, to me anyway, is that William is honest to goodness biologically RELATED to these people. So much of our family is a made up of a patchwork of folks, none of us with the same genetic background. I find I have to remind myself that these kids are not only his cousins, but that he's related to them in a way that I usually give no thought to. It's really startling to me to see how much they LOOK ALIKE. Because they are RELATED.

From Left to Right: William, Justin and Malena (Jeff's brother's kids), and Troy (Jeff's sister's son). Also in the photo, a dog cousin, Zoe the French Bulldog, who belongs to Jeff's sister.


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Congrats on all your new starts!

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