Friday, November 04, 2005

What other amazing inventions have I somehow missed?

I've recently discovered the most incredible time saver. Well, I didn't discover it exactly. I mean, I knew about it. Even used it on a rare occasion. What I didn't do before this is utilize it to it's full potential. I didn't realize it could be a life changing phenomenon. Are you ready for it? It's called.......

Frozen Food.

Yes, food that is already grown, harvested, sliced, diced, sauteed, cooked, or in some other way combined and processed to be completely prepared and ready to eat with no other effort then a) putting in a shopping cart then b) bringing it home and storing it in a freezer, c) opening the freezer at some other point in time and selecting one of dozens of tasty and, did I already mention this, COMPLETELY PREPARED entrees, and finally d) popping it into the microwave and using ones index finger to heat. I mean, that sounds like a lot - a through d (and I was gonna add another letter that explained how one has to take the entree out of the decorative cardboard box, read the instructions on the back, slice a hole in the top of the plastic cover, or perhaps uncover half of it.... I was going to mention all this but then I realized that after a week or so one does all these steps instinctively, and with no need to reference further backs of the individual boxes.)

It sounds like a lot, but trust me on this one, it's a lot, lot, lot less work then all those other shorter words but actual longer processes - like the growing food part or anything that involves the kitchen stove or sink. Oh! And, all these products come in their own disposable plastic trays, so you also the time ordinarily spent on dishwashing!

Not only that, but for some reason my family seems to prefer frozen food to my previous efforts to lovingly prepare homemade meals from scratch. I'm chosing to see this as a GOOD thing because if I really thought about this last bit, I might have to be sad or at the very least annoyed enough to stomp around the house and pout for a few days. And I really don't have time for that.

Why? Well, the whole frozen food purchasing came about as a result of two simultaneous events. One, I ran out of freezer room in the little top freezer section of our refrigerator and that led me to finally researched and discover that big storage freezers no longer cost $2000 a month to run. In fact they only cost about $34 a YEAR to run. So we raced out and bought one.

Secondly, I entered this write-a-novel-in-a-month contest and decided that it would be a good thing to fill up the aforementioned new freezer with frozen burritos, corn dogs, gardenburgers, t.v. dinners, and so on, so my family could feed themselves if I discovered that the only time I felt inspired to write was every day about the time to make dinner. Not that I could be accused of making dinner on a regular basis lately - like, say, the last few years. (BUT THERE WAS A TIME WHEN I COULD HAVE BEAT BETTY CROCKER AND MISS SUZY HOMEMAKER BOTH, WITH ONE HAND TIED BEHIND MY BACK AND AND A BABY TIED TO ONE HIP!!!!)

The frozen food was supposed to be for the family, not me. But do you know how TEMPTING those entrees are? Noodles with sauces. Chinese veggies all only minutes away from being lifted to ones mouth. Mashed potatoes that require no mashing. I can't help myself.

And while we're on the topic of food, I'll mention that three weeks late but better then never, our small town theatre finally saw fit to premiere the movie I had been waiting to see for a year now - Serenity. (why does this have to do with food? DU-UH! Popcorn is involved. And a coke) I hate spoilers, so I won't give any out here. But I will say this - oooooooh, it was great! It was sad! It was funny! It was as good as I thought it would be! And now I've watched it and it's all done. WAH!
Until we buy the DVD. To go with the set of DVD's we bought of the television show.

And now I have to go to bed and either a) start a new book (to read, not write) or b) write some more of my book. Decisions, decisions.


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