Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Country vs. City

Day two being fairly footloose and fancy free in San Diego. William has somehow gotten the idea that this is a vacation. I said no, we are not on vacation, although we are away from home, we are trying to carry on our normal routine as much as possible. He's not buying it. I gave up and suggested we go to Balboa Park. We left Rosie at the apartment so we could go to some museums, which, I think I'll discuss on my art blog, since it was very creatively inspiring. However, it was also exhausting. I had a bum hip, my sciatica acting up from all the hours of sitting and driving. William said he twisted his ankle. And we both forgot to eat breakfast. Sadly, our bodies gave up way before our minds and we were forced to leave before I, at least, was really ready.

We drove through downtown and down by the harbor, past big ships old, new, military, cruise, charter, fishing.... beautifully sunny, picturesque day. We spent a bit more for lunch for the pleasure of a window seat looking out at the boats rocking quietly on the water, the kites fluttering prettily in the breeze. William had a burger and fries but I had a wonderful bowl of ciappino, or however it's spelled. Seafood soup.

Being a country gal presently, I forgot one needs to plan for commuter traffic hours, and so we slogged our way back through a sea of red brake lights, on at least three more freeways then we really needed to use, but there just wasn't enough time or space to plan a more direct route in the downtown traffic. Oh, and we went through the new/old Gaslamp District downtown San Diego - how I'd love a day to wander around there with hubby or girlfriends. A teenager wouldn't quite do the trick.

Anyway, the whole freeway thing. I'm not completely lost here because I lived in the area ten years ago and spent quite a bit of time tootling around. Unfortunately, back then all our kids were fairly young and so our chosen destinations revolved around kid friendly activities, many of them no longer useful or interesting locations for just William and I. And there's been so much new development, even a new freeway or two, and hey, it was ten years ago. Boils down to this - I haven't been lost, but I haven't necessarily used the most direct routes to and fro the last couple of days either.

Which brings me to the whole point of this post - the contrast between country and city. Part of me loves the big city, the metropolitan hubbub. There's so much to DO. So much to SEE. So many things to participate IN and ATTEND. That's what I miss up in my scenic but isolated mountain home. And yet, there's a lot to be said for living where there are NO freeways, NO constant noise and light pollution, NO constant worry about locking cars and doors and wondering if you're in a good neighborhood or a bad neighborhood.

William pointed out that it would be different if we lived here. We'd memorize the freeways and backroads. We'd mostly stay in our own area and not be running all over the county. All true. But it's really made me appreciate the plus side of living in the country (even if it isn't perfect) as well as the more moderate busyness of the geographical area where we have purchased retirement property. It's not the extreme of our isolation now, and it's not the vastness of a major metropolitan area either. It's got a little bit of both and once again, I'm feeling good about our decision/choice. Now, the trick will be, to make it happen. We've got another four or five years to work on it.

Last but not least, hubby called to tell us it was snowing at home. I thought I had packed appropriately for the warmer weather with short sleeved t-shirts and a light windbreaker. I'm still feeling hot. What I wouldn't do for a pair of flip flops instead of socks and shoes. Maybe tomorrow I'll make a quick shopping trip for some cooler clothes. Hey, I'll get some use out of them. It will eventually stop snowing back home.


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I just read your entry about Joe's accident and was so shocked and sorry to hear about it. I hope he is going to be alright. You and your family will be in my thoughts. {{{hugs}}}

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