Sunday, February 26, 2006

Computer tantrum

This afternoon I fought my way up through the layers of mind cotton my germy condition has stuffed into my brain and with great effort wrote a lovely, brilliant, insightful, witty blog for all of you. I slaved away at it for almost two hours. Then, just seconds away from pushing "Publish Post", my brain distracted by all that germ warfare going on in the nearby sinuses, I forgot that if I type something directly into a form box my internet software tends to freeze up, and I decided to change the title. In a form box. It froze.

WAILING! SWEARING! WEEPING! STOMPING! JUMPING! MORE SWEARING! TEARS! MORE SWEARING! MORE SWEARING! Eventually losing energy and diminishing into slumping over in despair and quiet sighing. And quiet swearing.

My point here is, there is no blog entry for you today. I'm just too frustrated and angry at my computer to spend a single more second sitting here.

The good news is that it drove me to find the source of the ongoing problem and knock on wood, crossing my fingers, I might have solved it so there will be no future tantrums over the SWIRLING BEACHBALL OF DEATH. At least not by this particular route, anyway.

I could go do something productive or useful or interesting enough to nudge me out of my sulk about wasting my afternoon. I could. It's not likely that I will. When I'm in a good sulk it annoys me to even consider trying to cheer myself up. And woe unto the person who attempts to appeal to my more reasonable side. Just TRY to tease me out from under my black cloud, or spout something inane and trite like "It could be worse" or "There's always tomorrow" and I'll pierce you through the heart with a glare even more powerful then a Jedi light saber. If you survive, you won't try THAT again.

Eventually I'll get distracted and accidentally become cheerful again. Or I'll simply become too bored to sustain a good pout. In the meantime, let me wallow in my misery. If I have to be unhappy, I might as well be allowed to enjoy it.


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