Sunday, May 14, 2006


Long time no see! Well, just a few days. But it seems like a lot of time passes when you squeeze so much into a few days. Last you heard from your intrepid travelers, they were off to Wales. A few dashes between trains got us safely to Conwy, where after dragging our bags around in circles a couple of times, we found our B&B, on the top of a hill. Between the luggage and the circular staircases, we're building up good arm and leg muscles.

So, first thing we did was get settled in and then walk back down to the village where we toured the harbor and walked the city walls. The guard railings were very short, and the city walls and William are both very tall, so I got a bit of vertigo, but it was worth it. We ate in the garden of a pub, George and Dragon. William had an American Hamburger - that's what it said on the menu - and I had Bangers and Mash. I didn't know that it was Bangers and Mash at the time, but it was delicious. We chatted with several local fishermen who were enjoying their beers and a bit of sun.

Saturday we took the bus off to Canaervan - have no idea if I spelled that correctly. Speaking of spelling - Welsh spelling is a kick. Both English and Welsh are spoken here and so the signs and information is written in both languages. Anyhoo, went off on the bus to Canaervan to see a big ol' castle. We had a great tour guide and learned a lot, as well as speaking with a young woman from the 14th century who was waiting on the steps of the castle while her husband, the architect for King Edward, was engaged with work. I was really impressed with her ability to stay in character.

Oh, we also saw a hobbit! Well, no. It was really a little person. But hey, everything is so different around here that I had to shake my head and remember the difference between reality and fiction before I could make sense of what I was seeing.

Then, last night, after returning to Conwy, we went back to the George and Dragon, walked inside and discovered a hald dozen knights and ladies buddied up to the bar. Another blink or two.... it was a historical re-enactment troup in town. They're going to be doing shows up at the Conwy Castle today and we'll leave to tour that in just a bit.

This morning we went visited a Tudor house. It was really wonderful. The kitchen was filled with all sorts of kitchen tools and herbs. It made the entire house smell glorious. I asked William to take a photo of me in front of the herbs and kitchen hearth and the docent picked up the broom and handed it to me to hold. Hehe, the perfect prop for me.

Did I mention yet that the call the first floor the ground floor? The second floor is the first floor. The second is the third... and so on. Why is this important? Well, it means one climbs quite a few more stairs with heavy luggage then one expects.

I think I've used up my time - a half hour for a quid and twenty.

Off to the castle! ("Where castle? There castle. There werewolf." That line has been running through my head ever since we've arrived and of course no one gets it. Name that movie.)


Blogger Diana Troldahl said...

Young Frankenstein
Thanks for the virtual journey! I''m enjoying your adventures!

12:52 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

"That's FrankenSTEEN, not Frankenstein!!!" (Gene Wilder)

11:41 AM  

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