Monday, May 15, 2006

Goodbye to Wales and hello to Edinburgh

We spent one more night in Conwy and took the day to do the Conwy Castle and just mill around the shops a bit. At the castle they were doing re-enactments, so we got to hear troubadours and watch knights fighting. We sort of made a buddy of one knight. Unfortunately he was from France, so everyone "boo'ed" him. I kept booing and yahing for the wrong knights, which entertained the locals. We stayed the, night above a pub and had the prettiest room, all done in melon and orange colors. OH! And we say a Royal Navy Cadet's parade, all marching up High Street unexpectedly. We also had wonderful fish and chips. I don't know what everyone is up about the bad food in England - so far we've had delicious everything - although they sure do like their bacon and sausages.

We woke up to rain this morning but it didn't matter since we spent most of today on the train. It was still a pretty trip, lots and lots and lots of sheep. And pine trees as we got into Scotland. I presume they were Scotch Pines?

We got into Waverly Station just before two and wandered in a couple of circles looking for a map to tell us where our B&B was located. We finally realized we were in a much bigger city then we've tackled so far, and took a short taxi ride to our accomodations. It's more like a hotel really, but pretty. It's quite a way off the main tourist stops, but it seems all the hotels and B&B's are, except the really high priced ones. It's only a block off the bus route, so that's not so bad. And it's closer to a nice walk up a volcano our taxi driver recommended.

My only complaint is we booked this place because Rick Steve's Tour book said it had laundry services. Well, yeah. A six block walk in the rain juggling backpacks, sacks of dirty laundry, and umbrellas. I do not call that laundry service. But now it's all washed and dried and we found this internet cafe just a couple doors down so I'm doing a quick update before we trek back to the hotel and then get ready for our evening. So as not to waste the entire day on travel and laundry tasks, we're going down to the high street for a nice relaxing meal and then we hope to find one of the many ghost tours that go on around here at night. Takes you down into the catacombs and such. OoooooOOOOooooOOooooh! Sounds fun.


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