Monday, June 05, 2006

Now what?

I'm finally feeling past my jet lag. Actually, yesterday I was pretty much feeling normal, but the day was filled with blog business and some other catching up with life stuff, so I didn't have to think about the next step yet. Today, however, hubby goes back to work, it's a school day for William, and then there's me. What do I do?

In some ways, that's the silliest question I've ever asked. I have a lot to do and no different then before my trip, not a lot of time to do it in. In the next eight weeks I have to drive to Colorado and back - probably fill up more then a week right there, go to San Diego - probably another week, pop over to visit Sam and Noel (and my new Anastasia who can't possibly look like the newborn she was when I first held her!), and I should find time and a way to get up to check on the property in Oregon.

I also have to finish up the school year with William (and in some subjects, like his math,make sure he perseveres even after the school kids are home). My house didn't magically clean and declutter itself while I was gone. And my garden, oh, my poor neglected, ignored, untended garden. If it was up to me, I'd probably wipe all that other stuff off my calendar and spend the entire summer in my garden. At the very least, I need to make an effort to pull it back from the Amazonian jungle it has developed into. Into which it has developed? The first isn't proper English. The second sounds pretentious. Whatever.

But what I'm really asking is, what do I do about my holiday memories? I can blog about them here of course, and I will. I want to talk about them and ponder them most of the day without being interupted by silly things like grocery shopping or returning phone calls. I want to make something out of them, do something with all this ...... this..... wonderfulness. The obvious answers - Writing. And art. Now, refer back to the previous two paragraphs. I haven't found a pause button that works on anything in my life except the VCR. Well, and the DVD player. But that one is sort of tricky and I usually end up screwing it up and have to start the movie all over from the beginning again, so I don't usually use that pause button.

It's a phenomenon, isn't it? A post-holiday phenomenon. Does it have a name? I mean, it is quite a change in menu, a let down, when suddenly all the lovely newness and yet untarnished (I'm realistic enough to know that anything, after a while, becomes the norm) choices are gone and one has to go back to their ordinary, a thousand-times-repeated routines. You mean I can't buy fresh pomme tartes from the boulongerie on the corner? The double decker buses and Smart cars are gone and pick up trucks and SUV's fill the streets? No one wears scarves and their are too many people wearing baggy sweatpants and oversized t-shirts? (and I'm sorry, but it has to be said - Do you know how FAT Americans are compared to people in other countries!?!)

I don't think it would be as bad if my regular life wasn't such an extreme opposite from my holiday. If I had a bookstore or gallery or even a nice restaurant nearby. I've often thought that the backwardness of our town can be summed up by one comment: We have a beautiful, green, not-too-big/not-too-small river that flows through the middle of town and not a single restaurant that bothers to overlook it. How stupid is that!?

Deep breath. In.......... Out......... once more..... breath in...... out......sigh.

I'm just spoiled. Whiny spoiled. Pay no attention to little spoiled me.


Blogger :-D eirdre said...

But if the restaurants were located on the water - they would not be able to give FREE REFILLS.


4:03 AM  

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