Thursday, July 13, 2006

Grandkid fillers

What to post today.....hmmmm..... what to post.... There's this Poetry Thursday Challenge that folks keep encouraging me to join. I have posted poems before, but not specifically for this project. Maybe I'll have time later tonight to do something for the current theme - laughter. Or is it humor?

Oh, speaking of humor..... Rosie followed me into the bathroom this afternoon, snuffled around and "oh, what's this!" She tried to pick it up in her mouth. It was a small piece of soap. She dropped it quickly but, oh my, I'm still chuckling. It must have taken her 500 licks trying to get the taste out of her mouth!

Anyway, in the meantime, I finally got some new photos to upload onto my computer, and adorable grandkid photos are always a winner. Enjoy!

Here are the boys in "the cage" - it's Rosie's fence area. They wanted out.

Here's Garret. How could you NOT pick up a sad face like that!

Joshua went for the silly "Look how cute I am!" reach for Grammy. Hmmm. Or maybe it's more of an evil "Pick me up or else" look.

When that didn't work, he tried the He-man approach, sure he could lift it up with his superhuman strength!

Here's a much cuter photo of Anastasia then the one I posted the other day. Look at those big ol' eyes, button nose, kissable tu-lips.

And notice how much she looks like her Grammy! You don't see it? We both have the family trait - double chins!



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