Saturday, July 08, 2006

Simple Still Life Art/Blog Challenge

For those of you sweet enough to read both my blogs, apologies for the duplicate post. Just trying to spread the word, and hope you do as well.

I don't have a button for it up on the website yet, but I want to let everyone know about an art/blog challenge sponsored by my friend Deirdre called Simple Still Life. There was another project by the same name, now defunct, and this new one has risen phoenix life from the ashes of the original. There are only a few of us playing presently, all the current participants have been pretty busy with summers and family, but hopefully things will pick up.

Basically it's a challenge for those of us who can't seem to go through life without photographing it. Participants contribute one or more photos each month that evoke a chosen theme. From the basic photo, folks can then play with the image artistically if they chose, anything from tweaking it around in Photo Shop to recreating it in another medium such as watercolor, fabric, discarded restaurant coasters - hey, whatever! Or if you like the photo just the way it came out of the camera, that's fine too.

I invite you all to would check it out and join in the fun. Or at the very least, take a peek at several photos I just put up on the blog that I might use for this month's theme - Summer.


Blogger Janet said...

This was so in touch with me. I read Stillness and was struck by how right on it sounded. We are all so distracted by the "real" world that we never actually live in our own world! I try to meditate on a regular basis but am not always successful...but I try. And I can always tell a difference when I do but then "real" life gets in the way... and it becomes that vicious circle again.

Thank you for this entry. And for guiding me to yet another great blog. You have made me stop and think about stopping to just be.

7:30 AM  

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