Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Odd bits of this and that

That's my life recently. And why I haven't posted for a couple of days. I've mainly been knee deep - er, that should probably be elbow deep, in paperwork. That and computer woes, including no internet access most of yesterday. But in an attempt to fix said computer, I've had to try "different things" and then wait to see if they worked. And while I was trying "different things", I was also trying to print out as many important files as possible in case "you know what" (knock on wood) happened. And so, since those two tasks took up large amounts of time, most of it ticking away uselessly while waiting in between things, I became bored enough to be willing to tackle all the piles,boxes and shelves full of books and old paperwork that surround the family desk. (It used to be my desk. Sigh.)


When she was a wee puppy, Rosie found a dried corn cob that had rolled out of the compost pile and she loved that thing, one of her favorite toys, she chewed on it for months until it was finally lost. So I figured she'd like another one and gave her the fresh one off my plate last night. She was happily chewing on it and I went off to the kitchen. When I next noticed her, two thirds of the corn cob was GONE! Oh dear, I guess a fresh cob isn't as hard as a dried one, and baby teeth aren't as effective as her adult ones.


Running out to the car the other day, I paused to notice two doves sitting on the telephone lines across the street. They were perched on the bottom of five lines that stretched like a musical staff across the blue sky. The moon, up early and almost full, was wedged in the second space, directly above the two birds' heads, and the evening star, Venus, was winking in the third space just slightly to the right like a upbeat eighth note. The female was sitting quietly, pretending to stare off to her left but taking occasional coy peeks at her partner. The male, on her right, was prancing from foot to foot, puffing his chest, and straining his neck in an effort to draw the female's gaze back towards him. He seemed awkward and nervous, whereas she seemed shy but confident. Ahhh, the music of love was in the air.


There's another pair of love birds around, two quail. I've seen them running back and forth at the turn down at the far end our street. There are houses lining the two inside edges of the corner, the outside edges are rimmed by grassy fields. Usually an entire covey of birds scurry back and forth in the general area, but this is most definitely just the two of them. I assume that they too, are courting, although I hope that their love is not so blind to the rest of the world as to get one or both of them run over by a car.


William and I went out late last night, for ice cream. The sky was awash with clouds that rippled, like wind across sand, or waves across water. Behind the cloud layer, the full moon looked as if she had fallen into the depths and was slowly swimming across a vast black sea. Driving along, our truck became a boat sailing quietly through the night.


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