Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lazy, London, lingering

When no other title ideas pop up, go for alliteration I always say.

So, lazy - I'm in a slump. Finally got my wall painted last night, so now I can start to put things back together again in my house. Unfortunately I've hit this lazy spot. Sort of like a cold spot in a lake. I'm chilling here a bit and then I'll paddle on back into the current and get swimming again soon. Grooooan. If that's not a mixed up metaphor I don't know WHAT is. It's just , it's all a bit overwhelming. My livingroom is a jumble of freestanding furniture and stacked boxes, my own household imitation of Stonehenge. This "just move one bookcase" idea has turned into a huge project along the lines of If You Give A Mouse a Cookie. And right now I feel like I'm deep in the middle of the story, nowhere near swinging back from where I started, with an organized domicile. (If this whole paragraph makes no sense to you, go read the book.) As soon as I get this post written however, I'm hoping to pour myself a second cold coffee (I usually only allow myself one per day) and force myself to get back to work.

London - this whole thwarted bomb news, it makes me..... one would expect me to feel frightened. But no. It mainly makes me angry, with a icing of frustration. A cherry of sadness on top. Angry that a bunch of religious fanatics have nothing better to do with their lives then to try to keep everyone else fearful for their own. Angry that because of assholes who think God is on their side, we are all being forced to "take sides". Angry that the world has become a place where people have to be afraid of their neighbors, whether that be the folks who literally live next door ("he was always a quiet guy, whodathunk") or the folks who live just across the "pond". Angry that the solution to this mess under the current administration will undoubtedly be to throw out more threats of retaliation rather then throw open more doors of understanding. Angry that we really haven't evolved spiritually in tens of thousands of years. I mean, here we are still acting like the globe is some giant playground where we can gain territory or friends by lobbing water balloons and sticks at each other. If there was a God, don't you think he or she would have shown up by now, as the teacher or parent in charge, and hauled a bunch of us off to detention until we can learn to play nicely with each other? Lately the world has become far too Lord of the Flies for me. I never liked that book. Let's all read To Kill a Mockingbird instead.

And lingering - Summer is beginning to feel like it's almost over. School will be starting in less then a week. NFL and commercials for the new fall line-up of shows are back on the television. The grass and gardens are starting to feel dry and finished no matter how much water we use on them. And now that the end of the season is near, I'm finally enjoying summer. Isn't that just the way it always seems to go? When summer arrived, I was so busy I can honestly say I "missed it". Oh, was it already summer!? During the peak of summer, particularly this summer, I was hunkered down in survival mode, just waiting for the heat to GO AWAY! Now that the temperatures are less oven-like, and I can imagine the chill of frosty autumn nights soon to arrive, I'm finally starting to appreciate and enjoy each warm day left of the season. Autumn is my favorite season of the year and I'm already happily anticipating it's arrival, and yet now that it seems imminent, I'm finally not in a hurry for summer to be over.

Of course, this might be for less poetic reasons then you think. Flowers, butterflies, warm breezes, iced teas, and that hammock and a good book fantasy aside, it might have more to do with the promise I made myself to have my house "in order" by the end of summer. Uhm, yeah. Probably not enough time for that to happen. Did I specify that it would be in order by the end of any specific summer?

Sigh. I suppose, with enough coffee (maybe FOUR cold lattes a day?) anything is possible. Anyone seen a pig flying by lately?


Blogger kristen said...

i just happened to re-read to kill a mockingbird. i read it when i was in 4th or 5th grade. way too early to read that book, i think. but i had forgotten SO much of it. i'm glad i read it again.

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