Thursday, August 10, 2006

Q is for....

Trying to catch up to the speedies, two in one week. I mean, this should be a short list. How many Q words can one have, anyway?

quilt, quilter, quilting - big obses.... er, hobby. Healthy hobby. Yes. Love me that purty fabric. Yum, yum, yum. In every color please. Cut it all up. Put it back together again. Lovely waste of time.

quiet - I like quiet. Don't get to have much of it in this household, but it's nice. I don't always need music or television on. Quiet is a good place to think or just "be" in.

quiz - I'm a big fan of tests and quizzes. It's like a game to me.

quantum mechanics - fascinates me. Wish I had a brain that could really understand it. Although I'm not sure if anyone really understands it.

question - everything.

quirky - that's me

Queen of Everything - my family says that's my title

quake - I've felt a few, a couple of moderate ones - a 5.1 and a 4.something. They don't scare me, unless I think about them when I'm going over a bridge in the San Francisco Bay area or something

qualifications - it's always annoyed me how many jobs that I know I'm qualified for and would love and do well, I don't have the proper "qualifications" for. Grrrr.

quandary - I'm often in one, or at least it feels like I am.

queue - I got used to standing in queues instead of lines in England and the word somehow stuck. I find myself still using it. (Also, I have always had a tendency to spell a lot of English words the British instead of American way - maybe I was a Brit in a past life?)

quince - we have a big flowering quince right next to our front door

quintessential - a useful word I use a lot

quotation marks - a useful punctuation tool. I use the "written" kind as well as the "air" variety.

quit - I don't like to quit things I start. Sure, I procrastinate. It may take me a zillion years to complete something. But I rarely just up and quit. Although I consider this generally a positive attribute, I've had to learn to allow myself to quit things when there's really no need, short of my stubborn refusal to "be a quitter", to follow through. I've learned to question my perseverance instead of just plowing ahead even if circumstances may have changed the original intent.

quail - we have a lot of the funny little birds in our neighborhood


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