Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Foto Booth Fun

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Just recently we rerented (we'd seen it before)and watched the wonderfully odd foreign film Amelie. It was fun to watch it again now that I've been to Paris. If you haven't seen this movie, even if you've never been to Paris, run out and rent it. It's lovely and funny and touching and will explain the reason I'm mentioning it in this post. It will also explain the reason Travelocity has a gnome for a spokesperson on their commercials.

So, just as we were leaving the mall this weekend, we spied a repairman working on a foto booth and we decided to wait and give it a whirl. At $3 a strip, even though the prints came out pale and streaky, it was still a lot of fun for our money. Goofy was definitely the way to go with these. Next time we'll be even zanier.

I had to convince my husband NOT to look underneath the machine. Huh? Go rent the movie.


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