Friday, September 22, 2006

Holiday Photos #13

Thirteenth holiday photo post and I'm only on Day Five! Five, six. Something like that. Out of ...I think we were in the UK and France for about 25 days. Closer to a month if you count the four days we spent on the East Coast and NYC, but I skipped those photos. Why did I skip those photos? I don't know. Hmmmm. Maybe if I ever get through the European leg of the trip, I'll go back and share some of those as well.

So, let's see. We're in Caernafon, just seen a big ol' castle. Time for some lunch. First, take a look at this sign. Don't ask me what the sign says or how to pronounce it. I think it's Welsh. But it's shaped like a dragon! Cool, huh!

We found a nice little sandwich shop and ate at an outside table. On the right is the lunch shop, on the right you can see what looks like another old building - it's not a building, it's a wall. I'm not sure if Caernafon was a walled city like Conwy. This wall wound down from the castle through some of the older streets. Who knows if it actually went around the town. Europe seems to have a lot of walls and partial buildings left over, hanging around from this era or that.

If you turn and look behind where I was sitting opposite William, you'd see the this street behind me. Don't you love the vibrant colors!? You can only see this still image, but if you could hear the scene as well, you'd hear the roar of hundreds of people in dozens of pubs in town (at least two down this street) cheering for the local Liverpool team who won the British Cup on this particular day.

Back in Conwy again, we went to visit the oldest Tudor home in the village. It was quite beautiful. I was enamored of the kitchen, a docent had laid out a table full of fresh herbs and it smelled heavenly. I asked William to take a photo of me there and the docent, an elderly gentlemen, jumped in and handed me a prop to hold. William looked out from behind the camera and said "Whoa! He gave you a broom! How did he know!?"

One more photo in Conwy, this little strip of red is a house, the smallest house in the UK if I'm remembering correctly. We paid a pound to tour it. The tourist office recommended it, said it was nice in that there wasn't a lot of walking required. Haha! You can't see the front door, William is standing in front of it, but it's only as high as the window right next to it. Clearly William had to duck to go inside. There's only enough room inside for about 4 or 5 people to stand upright. There's a staircase (more like a ladder) that goes up to the second story, the higher window in the photo. It was lived in nonstop by one person or another (even a couple lived in it) until the middle of the 20th century when someone finally decided it didn't pass some code or some such thing. Now it's just a curiosity. The woman posing with William isn't a fairy tale witch, she's simply dressed in traditional Welsh costume.


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