Thursday, February 01, 2007

Smiling for Grandma

Just a cute photo of my granddaughter Nonny. I took it a few weeks ago and stumbled upon it while uploading some SD cards from my camera this morning. My mom sent her this hat, isn't it cute! Well, first things first, isn't Nonny cute!? Answer: Yes. Now, on to the hat. It's handmade of a lovely green. The little red dots are ladybugs and you can see one of the cluster of leaves on the top.

It makes a nice break from all the book talk I've been posting lately, eh? Although, I'm not done with books yet. I'm off to do some errands and hopefully tonight I'll be back with the latest book news.

Damn, I can't wait - one bit of book news now, the rest later. Guess what's happening July 21, 2007!?!? Go to Google. Type in "Harry Potter". Then click the News option. I thought we'd have to wait until autumn or even winter. I am over the moon in anticipation!


Anonymous violette said...

The perfect image of happiness !

12:51 AM  

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