Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pets, pets, and more pets

I watered the garden and got a couple hours of cleaning and moving shelves in today (for more info on the ongoing redecorating scenario, check out the photos on my Laume's Studio blog). The rest of the day was pretty much an at-home vacation. It was one of hubby's rare days off and he wanted to go the tea room for lunch, so we went to the tea room for lunch, followed by some shopping (see photos of my pretty new necklaces over at Laume's Studio) and chatting with friends uptown, a short interlude for the above mentioned work, a dinner date with a friend at a local Mexican restaurant, and then a cappuccino and conversation with hubby under the stars on the Starbuck's patio. I'm finishing up the day with blogging some recent adorable pet photos and then if I'm not too tired, popcorn and an episode or two of Doctor Who. Yeah, life's just a chair of bowlies today.

Oh, and if all that relaxing and fun wasn't enough, son Sam called with the good news that he sold his house (remember the custom tile work?) and son Joe called to say he's getting a promotion and raise. Good news all around! Knock on wood.

We're still all sad and adjusting to Fred being gone. Even though I'm an experienced pet owner, it's surprised me how much the pecking order and daily routine has changed with his absence. We hadn't really thought about it before his death, but on reflection realize that Fred had been the top dog...er, top cat. The animals have all been sticking closer to us humans in the last few days. Maybe we've been sticking closer to them a little bit too. I was out and about taking photos in the garden yesterday and had an entire entourage of helpers. So I photographed them as well. When I could catch them between dashing or rolling or other activity. The toughest part is whenever I crouch down to take a photo of anyone, the subject tends to come running towards me and the camera to be petted. Still, I managed a few nice shots.

From L to R above: Miranda, Onyx and Mongo guarding the front door.

Buck in his kennel. Look at that soulful look! He's trying to express how, if I'd just let him out in the backyard with me, he'd NEVER even consider jumping over the fence when I wasn't looking. And he's not crossing his paws. Honest!

Here's George Weasley keeping William's football company. Apparently it looked lonely.

Charlie Weasley and his shadow!? Nah. That's a garden sculpture in the background.

"Are you going outside again Mom? Are you? Can I come with you? Pick me up! Please! I wanna come with you! What's that? A camera! Hey, I'm cute! You can take my photo! Just pick me up! Let's go outside!" Rosie believes every activity should obviously include her.

Onyx was a feral kitten that our daughter brought home and then moved out leaving him behind. He's an absolutely gorgeous cat and until recently, useful only as a decorative item that just happened to eat cat food and shed that long black hair.. For years and years he has been a recluse, rarely letting anyone close enough to touch him. Now, suddenly, in the last few months, he's decided to try out this whole "interacting" gig. I don't know who's more pleasantly surprised at how friendly he has become, him or us. Here he is lounging on a ledge inside the safety of wisteria and rose vines.


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lovely photos Laume, but the one of Charlie Weasley is my favourite, closely followed by Onyx there at the tail end of the post.

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