Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wierd Things About Me Me

There's a meme going around where you're supposed to name seven or ten or forty eight wierd things about yourself. I was going to post something else today but people keep grabbing up chunks of my day and I'm running out of time to do what I'd planned to do, so to save time I'm going to do this meme instead. I'll just start naming some wierd things and then stop when I feel satisfied.

I gave my first child both his mother and father's names without realizing I'd done it.

I have this whole refrigerator dough cookie eating ritual that started because... well, it's complicated. I've only been able to graciously share my refrigerator dough cookies with anyone in the last few years.

I don't mix my chocolate mix into my milk. I like it dry (like Nestle's Quik mix, if I still bought Nestle's products, which I don't ) on my spoon and then dip it in the milk and drink it by th spoonful.

I got badly bullied by a very obese girl in elementary school and it took me a long time not to have a negative first impression of overweight women when I would meet someone new. I KNEW why I reacted the way I did but it took a long time not to feel the reaction anyway.

I general like snakes and spiders.

I had a thing for koala bears as a teenager. It started innocently enough - they were soft and cuddly, someone bought me a koala "teddy bear". Eventually I had a whole collection of them. At some point in my twenties I gave them all away.

I was very flat chested as a teen and young adult. I was always a little envious of women who were more amply endowed. Then I nursed three children. When I was all done nursing babies, I was left with a bra size several letters bigger (if I wore a bra, which I only do once in a full moon - which I guess is another wierd thing about me) and now I sometimes wish I was more flat chested again.

Unless it's whipped cream, I like my cake without frosting.

When I was a kid I thought long haired, droopy eared dogs were the best. Now I prefer short haired perky eared dogs.

I have a hard time sleeping in places with manufactured white noise - like in hotel rooms, air conditioning, freeway sounds... Wind, foghorns, and the sound of the ocean put me to sleep immediately though, even when I try to stay awake to listen to them.

I used to have experiences of synesthesia as a child as well as experiences that might fall outside or beyond that label. The experiences faded and mostly disappeared by adolescence and although I can remember what it was like, some of the intensity and details are harder to capture as time goes by.

I usually know who's on the phone before I pick it up.

Well, okay. That's enough. Time to go get some other things done today.

Sigh. Now William needs me to drive him to school to get some things out of his locker he forgot he needed to do a report. So much for my plans.

If you want to do this meme (probably everyone has done it already 'cept me - hey, Lisa! You haven't done it yet), leave me a comment letting me know.


Blogger catsmum said...

did you know, Laume, that koalas aren't bears?
They're marsupials and no dinky-di aussie would ever refer to one as a koala bear.
Pandas aren't bears either but that's a whole'nother issue :]
Can you explain the mother and father's names thing please sweetness? I'm afraid I didn't really understand what you meant.

11:23 PM  

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