Saturday, May 19, 2007

Assorted Moments

Rosie is determined to get every last bit of whipped cream out of the cup. Check out that tongue action!

I walked along the river the other day on my way to a dinner date with a friend. This spot is called The Dam. My kids have gone swimming here on many a summer's day. I walked the new trail along the river a lot earlier this spring when everything was still gray and leafless. It looks green and beautiful now.

I noticed this graffiti in a drainage ditch that allows a small stream to go under Main Street, not far from the high school. "Steven" is one of the four teenagers that our high school lost this last school year. A teen who gambled with risky behavior and lost. I wonder if the teen (I assume it was a teen) who wrote the graffitti realized the symbolism in where he chose to write his message. At least, I see a lot of symbolism here. I originally described what I saw here but then, reconsidering, I erased it, deciding it was better left to the reader.

Right outside Starbucks I saw this Land Rover or Jeep or Bronco or whatever it was, with this interesting antennae art. Antannae creature?

Did anyone else see the movie Tidelands? I rented it on the recommendation of a fellow blogger. I found the movie artistically fascinating and, although the story line and some of the scenes are deeply disturbing, I really loved the surrealism and the surprising sweetness of the main character's ability to survive in an unbelievably horrible situation. I haven't mentioned it because I don't really know how to "recommend" it. It's probably the most bizarre film I have ever seen and I'm not quite sure what it says about me that I liked it. I guess I can only say "Watch it at your own risk." If you do, you'll understand what this has to do with Miss Barbie Head.

Speaking of movies, I went to see Shrek last night. It was cute. Well worth seeing. It wasn't quite the WOW of the first two movies, though don't let that stop you from going to see it. I'm only dropping it to an A instead of an A+, that's all. I've been thinking about it and the reason it loses that plus mark is only because a) it is the third movie and so we've become used to the amazing animation style and b) the movie does have new characters and new scenes but they are used in smaller doses. Instead it depends more on characters we already know, in groups, so the impact isn't as large. I also think it's a shorter film. But it's lots of fun. We'll be buying the DVD when it comes out.

And speaking of Shrek, who is green, I'm off to work on my painting issues now. If you want to know more about my decorating drama, seeing as it's artsy, I've taken the whole subject over to Laume's Studio.