Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just Flitting By

I might have mentioned that I'm reorganizing, painting, and decluttering my house. And working on the back yard and gardens when the temperatures dip enough to allow it. This last week has been a push to paint and do some faux work in the living room so I can finally start putting things back, dismantling the maze that we walk through to get anywhere in the house these days. If I can keep the day clear of other activities and generate enough energy (iced coffee, for starters), there's the possibility that I can finish the walls today! Oooooh, keep your fingers crossed for me. If you want to see photos of the stages so far, you can check my progress over on Laume's Studio. I've got some nice artsy photos up there as well.

The other big excitement is I'm counting off the days until the Faerie Worlds Festival. I've wanted to attend for years but something always got in the way. This year it all came together for me. Lisa and her sisters will also be attending and they have been happily working the last week or so on making costumes for the event. I'm itching to make something for myself as well. I even bought some fabric and patterns. But everything is such a mess that I can't even squeeze into the sewing room, much less find the time to do so. I did buy a couple of cute fairy tank tops so if I can't manage to create a masterpiece, I can at least wrap on a sarong, a tank top, and buy some fairy wings at the festival. I have a tendency to live life on the stressed edge - simplifying or letting go of expectations are much better solutions than ranting and driving myself to the point of exhaustion.

Oh - if you scroll down in my sidebar, you'll see I've morphed into a fairy this week. Actually, TWO fairies. I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I put up both of them. They both represent different aspects of me. One is an earthy nature loving fairy, the other sort of a mischevious punk who makes her own rules. Sometimes I'm more one, sometimes I'm more the other.

The only negative I can't fix is that I didn't realize until the plans were already set that the festival was the same weekend as the 7th Harry Potter book release. I swear I wouldn't have gone if I'd thought of it ahead of time. I'll be buying the book at midnight, the night before the festival, but I doubt I'll be able to read it much over the weekend. All these years in anticipation, I'm counting the hours! I just finished a light fantasy, now what to read this week while I'm waiting - something else light and fast? Or something more engrossing for distraction? Decisions, decisions...

I posted a photo a few weeks ago of my new whirligigs. I took this photo the other day, when they were all in motion. I love how they make these beautiful "color wheels". Hmmm, now that I look at the uploaded photo, I realize the rainbow colored ones bear a striking resemblance to the dreaded "swirling beach ball of death" that shows up on my computer monitor when it's unhappy with the amount of work I've asked of it. (is it "bear a resemblance" or "bare a resemblance"?) Well, it's still pretty in the garden.


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