Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Look Ma, No Hand!

William was moving his hand when I took the photograph and the movement "washed" his hand away. Doesn't it look freaky!? But, when you're done being amazed at the dissappearing hand trick, look at what APPEARED!

A new couch! Well, new to me. It's not an antique, but I bought it at the local antique and collectibles shop. Solid wood. Storage underneath. Folds out to make a double bed for company. No fabric for the cats to shred on the edges. In fact, it has little wooden "pockets" on both sides to hold magazines. It sort of reminds me of an oversized church pew. Most exciting of all, it's about 90% closer to the style I'd like than the old dumpy, comfy couch.

I will use the new upholstery fabric I bought for the old couch to make a slipcover for this couch, to save the very nice fabric already on it from wear and tear and cat hair and spilled sodas and so on. It will be much easier to make a cover for the shape of this couch. I'm also going to get a foam wedge (hopefully tomorrow when I'm in Reno) so it doesn't angle so deeply in the back (although it's not uncomfortable now, just think it will be more comfortable if I add a wedge) and I'll add some nice throw pillows.

And you know what this means - I now have a couch in my yard again. In the side yard this time, along the busier road. With a Free sign on it. Actually, three Free signs on it. (Or so hubby says. Why it required three signs, I do not know.) If no one needs it by next week, we'll haul it off to the dump.


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