Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wrist Twist

I've been busy, but also injured. I have no idea why or how. Yesterday. I was literally walking along. Well, driving along. Parked. Walked up to door of the store, opened it. Walked in. And suddenly went "Ow, my wrist hurts." Nothing had hurt before that. And now it feels all painful and sort of weak, like if I try to pick up something heavy in that hand, like a cup of coffee, I might drop it. I went around all day yesterday trying to carry on as if nothing was wrong, wincing and "Ow-ing" for maximum visible and auditory affect in case my family wanted to sympathize. They really didn't care too much. I slept with my arm laid out carefully last night. It seems a bit improved today but still hurts and probably will hurt more if I try to use it, so I'm gonna rest it and see if that's enough. Hubby guessed some sort of pinched nerve, which I think might be in or near correct. My shoulder, same arm, did the same thing on me last week - suddenly started hurting and then got over itself in a few days.

Also, William has some sort of lump, bump, swollen lymph node - we don't know. Our regular doc tried antibiotics and that didn't help. Next step, because of some insane lunacy of the way the billing works on our insurance, I had to drive William to see a specialist in Reno yesterday even though the same said specialist has two office days in town. This required him missing an entire day of school. Next week he has to have some medical tests and then another appointment to read them - two more days of missing school. And trying not to miss football practice because... one must have their priorities straight, y'know.

And then maybe we'll be done with all this silliness or maybe he'll have to have some sort of surgery. I'm trying not to gnash my teeth and soak my brain with worry because the odds are, of course, that the worst part of it all is the stupid insurance making us drive to Reno and piss off all his teachers this school year before the year has even had a chance to get underway. So, yeah. Knock on wood.

Anyway, that's all. The wrist thing means I'm gonna try to stay off this machine for awhile. Try not to have too much fun in Blogland without me. Or go ahead. Have fun. I'll just sit here in the corner watching, practice looking pathetic, and hope for some distraction and perhaps a wee bit of peripheral sympathy.

If you want to read an update on the living room remodeling, bop on over to Laume's Studio.


Blogger amy said...

sending sympathy! poor, poor you. are you okay? can I carry that for you? can I type as you dictate? get you some tea?

Ok, I can't do any of those things from here, but you get the idea. sending sympathy. I hope William is okay, too, and it's just an inconvenience and nothing more.

2:15 PM  

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