Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Pink Lady

Eureka is known for it's historical architecture. Lots of old Victorians, including the one below, The Carson Mansion, which is one of the most photographed Victorians in California. Sadly, it's not open to the public inside. It's a private club.

As impressive as this "Jolly Green Giant" is, I think I liked the Victorian across the street better. It was friendly. It was a private residence but there was sign on the front lawn telling passersby that it was known as The Pink Lady.

Because the sun was behind the front view of the house, it was difficult to get the whole house and not end up with a silhouette. So instead I took photos of different parts of the house and I liked the results.

This is one side of the house, through some tall trees.

Top right tower

Front and center

Bottom right tower and front steps

Stained glass windows in the bottom of the tower

I think this was my favorite part of the whole house - a pink mailbox.

And if pink and green don't thrill you, I strongly encourage you to hop over to Laume's Studio and check out the amazing black and white goodies that arrived in my mailbox today!


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Wow, those are amazing houses!

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