Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Old Things

I went on a huge out-of-town thrift store treasure hunt on Thursday. It was fun. I put up photos of the paintings and art treasures I bought over on my Studio blog and I'm putting up photos of the furniture here. But first, a couple of scarves.

This is what happens when you're your own photographer. This scarf is big and heavy. I think it's a wool blend. It has fringe, which didn't make it in the photo. It's really not meant to be worn with just a tee, but over a big winter coat.

Yes, this photo is upside down. I don't care enough to turn it around. It's just to show you the scarf. It's double sided. I bet Jaye would like this scarf.

This isn't a new old thing, it's a new new thing. It's the lamp I bought on clearance at the furniture store last week. I liked the odd tall slenderness of it. It was marked down because the lamp shade was dirty on the bottom. I think I can clean it off. If not, I'll just add some lace or dangly beads. Hmmm, I might add dangly beads or fringe anyway.

Right after I took the photo of the lamp that showed the unfinished light switch, I put my new switchplate on. Shabby chic, oui?

Here's the first thrift store furniture find. I'm not sure of it's original purpose. Jeff said for stacked wood but it's not wide enough for that. I think it was either for stacking magazines or newspapers in or it could have had a fabric bag that went over the top of the frame and held laundry. I'm thinking I'll either use it for magazines OR folded towels in the bathroom OR fabric in the studio.

This is an oak table, weighs about as much as a Volkswagon Bug. It's HEAVY. In really good shape except it could use a light sanding on top. The "scratches" you can see if you open the photo are just blue paint that will wash off, from being pushed against another piece of furniture in my car. And there's also one small gouge on top, again from being pushed, this time against the cement of the loading dock. I didn't have any control over it, it happened before I could squeak or protest. A little wood putty and stain will hide it. But still, at $20, it's a steal. I have NO idea where I'm going to use it. It's sits too low to use with my dining room chairs. Maybe in my next house.

Here's where the blue paint came from, this adorable little desk. The drawer opens up. The little cabinet next to it is in a high gloss black paint and I might use it as a side table or maybe in a bathroom. $10 and $5 respectively. You see why I had to buy these items, even if they weren't practically giving them away, they're so cute!

Last but not least, I bought this yesterday here in town at our local thrift store. They're covered in dust so you can't see that the surface is in good shape. Not perfect shape, but nothing that screams to be fixed. The mirror frame (sans mirror, which just fits into the front) attaches to the back and has a beautiful curved bottom to it that isn't in view. It needs new hardware and the seat needs new fabric. But it's all solid wood with all the carved trim intact. What era is it from - 1920's? 1940's? It was $35. No, I don't know where I'm going to use this either. Oh, and the little picture was $1. The glass wasn't broken when I bought it - I did that by dropping it. Dang.

I love my new pieces but now I need to stay home for a bit and deal with my mess. I've got a front lawn full of furniture and no place for it in the house yet and no room to store it in the garage without putting some muscle into moving lawn mowers and piles of auto supplies. Ugh. But rain is in the forecast (Thank you PTB for not raining last night!!!) so there's nothing for it but to get busy today, sore muscles or not.

I bought more - some dishes, decorative items, miscellaneous that falls in between the furniture and art. If I don't get distracted, I'll post more photos another day. I'll definitely post the great book finds I bought. In the meantime, click on over to Laume's Studio to see my pretty art pieces.


Anonymous Rhy said...

I love all of your finds! I have the same style of vanity, only I got it from my grandma Lee. It is probably late '30's vintage.

What really gave me the giggles though was the comment on the dotted scarf. Reason? Jaye. The name caught my eye. Do you have any idea of how rare it is to find another woman with the name Jaye? Let alone the same spelling and add on top of that the fact that she too is a quilter? It boggles the mind and makes me giggle! However, I got the name first from what I can tell. :> lol!

1:03 PM  
Blogger Sherry said...

Gr8 haul!!! I love the switchplate and you've got some great things here to fix up!!

4:42 PM  

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