Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a Quickie

Just a quickie? Hmmmm. That could be taken wrong. Do other people use this.... ahem... term? Blush.


No photos yet. I think I have ... no. I KNOW I have some sort of block about fixing my photo stuff. Problem is I don't feel like it's a day job to be on the computer. I should be doing something like cleaning or cooking or running errands. It's a night job, to be done on the couch in front of some mildly amusing television. But by then my brain is too tired to juggle all the how-tos I think I need to remember.

I've been sitting here typing, annoyed that hubby left the shower dripping. I tightened it twice but I can still here it - drip drip drip. Until I finally realized it's not the shower head. It's snow dripping off the edge of the roof outside the window just behind my head. Duh.

It's warm today. Temperatures in the 50's! Snow melting everywhere. It's coming on a week since it stopped snowing EVERY SINGLE DAY for almost a month straight, and it's just now sinking in that hey, maybe it won't snow anymore! Well, who knows. Up here in the mountains we can have snow in the middle of summer. But maybe winter has loosened it's grasp, at least for now.

Because we have such wonderful southern exposure in the front yard, Rosie's little pen has melted down to the flattened, soggy grass. She thinks it's heaven. Rosie loves grass. We have sidewalks again too. They're even dry. Of course across the street where they have northern exposure, the sidewalks are still hidden and there are mounds of the white stuff hiding their fence. In our backyard as well where, except for a thin slice of ground at the foot of the fence, we get no winter sun at all, it's still like trying to walk around atop a glacier out there, uneven, icy, treacherous. Taking Buck back and forth to his kennel practically requires mountain climbing equipment to avoid falling.

So, melting is good. We were blessed with plenty of pretty snow this year. Now I'm ready to wave it goodbye as it flows away in icy streams in the new gutters. I know you're all tired of hearing me complain about those new sidewalks but I can't help but point out that the new gutters are sterile and boring compared to the pretty natural "rain creeks" the old, unconcreted street edge used to make.

I haven't been posting much because

a) it's hard to post without photos.

b) hubby has been home for a week's recuperative vacation. He was feeling run down from a winter cough and cold. I get thrown off my usual blogging schedule when family is home. Not because they stop me from blogging, but because there are just more interuptions and because I do want to spend time with them.

I took one of those online quizzes the other day - How Normal Are You? One of the questions was "Who would you rather spend time with?" and the choices were "Your friends" or "Your family". I love my friends and I love spending time with them, but there's nothing that beats spending time with my family - we usually (not always, there are no Stepford spouses or children in the mix) have a blast together. I mean, just because we're family doesn't mean we're NOT friends too. We're friends who know each other best of all, know what make each other laugh, know our loves and pains, our obsessions and aversions, our quirks and our buttons. So of course I chose "Your family". The quiz said that response wasn't normal, most people chose "Your friends". How very sad!.

c) I've been having way too much fun visiting all the participating blogs for the One World - One Heart giveaway. I've entered some (not all) of the giveaways. Mainly though I couldn't resist the opportunity to find interesting new bloggers. I am a far too infrequent visitor to many of the bloggers I already know and enjoy, so I tried to be selective on who I added to my list of blogs I'd like to return to again. But it's hard. So many interesting, thoughtful, witty, and creative people out there to meet. I finally managed to visit them all, even if just for a peek - no small feat, let me tell you - and I'm relieved that the excitement will be over tomorrow.

d) There's some exciting plans brewing. I don't want to say anything yet, not until it's locked in. I've been busy putting all our ducks in a row (quack, quack, quack.....) and in just a couple more days things should be lined up enough for me to let you in on the news. Stay tuned....


Blogger Kirsty said...

I too think of family first, then friends. Partly because I don't get to spend as much couple time with all the kids, and partly because I love AND like my spouse and kiddo's (most days, lol!)

OOhhh! A cliffhanger! I'll have to come back and check just what your ducks are all lined up for!


6:48 PM  
Blogger see you there! said...

Happy to hear some of your snow has melted and that you found your sidewalk again.

I'll be back to see what's up with the ducks.


4:30 AM  

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