Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Little Bit of Spring

Saturday we did some househunting and lucky us, the search took us up into the east county near one of my favorite places in the San Diego area, Summers Past Herb Farm. We had an extra half hour to stop for a glass of mango iced tea and a stroll through the gardens.

When I saw this tree I realized that the last time I was here was about the same time last year, as the tree was "egged" on that visit as well. I bet I could do this easily on the peach tree in my front yard.

Here's the tree again in front of the soap store. It smells so good inside that building!

I'm not sure who was checking out who - "Look, a tiny girl!" or "Look, a rooster!"

"Hurry up Grammy and take my picture because I have to get down and follow that rooster!"

There are a couple more photos from the farm over on Laume's Studio.


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Oh, she looks so cute!!!

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